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What Are the Top 5 Foods to Serve at an Open House?

By RealtyBiz News | January 12, 2023
Did you know that homes shown in open houses spend less time on the market and sell for about $9,000 more? If this sounds good to you, you'll want to start planning your open house now. There are a lot of things involved in planning an open house. As a home seller, you'll need to clean and […]
Things to Consider Disclosing in Real Estate
Home Sales, US Real Estate

5 Potential Items For Disclosure in Real Estate

By Bill Gassett | December 16, 2022
In most states, providing a seller’s disclosure is commonplace when selling a home. Disclosure statements are required to ensure the buyer has a better understanding of what they are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on. But what do you need to disclose to the buyer? We will examine five disclosures you might consider making […]
Things to Know About Stigmatized Property
Home Buying, Home Sales, US Real Estate

Things Buyers and Sellers Should Know About Stigmatized Properties

By Bill Gassett | December 15, 2022
When you are searching for your next home, you’ll want to make sure the home and neighborhood are right for you, but should you also be concerned about the property's history? If you aren't careful when choosing your next home, you could buy a stigmatized property. But what are stigmatized properties, and what do you […]
Signs you need a new roof.
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How to Know a Roof Replacement is Needed

By Bill Gassett | December 7, 2022
If you find what looks like damage to your roof, you will probably be concerned. You don’t want the rain entering your home and doing untold damage. But wait a moment, before you start planning for a roof replacement, is the issue really that serious? Replacement roofing can be expensive. Even if the roof has […]
Negotiate Home Inspection Problems
Home Buying, Home Sales, US Real Estate

Killer Tips For Negotiating a Home Inspection

By Bill Gassett | December 5, 2022
One of the most vital phases of buying a house is having it inspected. Home inspections over the last few years were few and far between. The crazy hot seller's market forced many home buyers into forgoing their inspection. With bidding wars being the norm and not the exception, many buyers were waiving their inspection […]
Average Realtor Commission
Home Buying, Home Sales, US Real Estate

Real Estate Commission: How Much and Other Things to Know

By Bill Gassett | November 1, 2022
Many things can be foreign to you when you have never bought or sold a home. One of the greater mysteries in the real estate industry is the commission consumers pay when engaging the services of an agent. When you buy or sell a house, a commission will be paid. But how much? What is […]
Home Sales

Tips for Selling Your House to a Family Member

By Thomas O'Shaughnessy | October 27, 2022
When it’s time to sell your home, you may consider keeping it in the family. Selling to a family member has its advantages. You can save big on Realtor fees and fast-track the selling process. But it can also be risky. Mixing family and money can be tricky, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work […]
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