Sell a House With Solar Panels
Home Sales, US Real Estate

Considerations When You Sell a Home With Solar Panels

By Bill Gassett | March 19, 2023
Fitting solar panels is an eco-friendly option if you want to save on your energy bills. A 30% tax credit is available to homeowners to make this easier. As well as these advantages, a solar power system has the potential to increase the value of your home and can make the home more attractive to […]
US Real Estate

Why Commercial Disinfection Services Are Essential for Workplace Safety

By RealtyBiz News | March 17, 2023
The ongoing pandemic has changed the way we view hygiene and cleanliness in public spaces. As businesses are gradually reopening, the need for maintaining a safe and healthy environment for employees and customers alike has become all the more critical. In this scenario, commercial disinfection services have become essential for ensuring a clean and germ-free […]
How Does an FHA Loan Work
Home Buying, Mortgage, US Real Estate

What to Know About FHA Loans

By Bill Gassett | March 16, 2023
Are you trying to decide the best mortgage options for buying your first home? If so, you have probably decided now is a good time to buy a house. If qualifying for a conventional loan is difficult, and you aren't eligible for VA or USDA loans, an FHA loan could be the answer. FHA loans […]
Property Liens

What Are the Different Types of Property Liens

By RealtyBiz News | March 16, 2023
Are you in the process of applying for your first mortgage? Or perhaps you've discovered that an estate tax lien has been placed on your property. Whatever the case, as a property owner, it's important to understand as much as possible about real estate liens. A property lien is a legal claim placed on a property […]
Is it a good time to buy a house?
Home Buying, US Real Estate

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Home?

By Bill Gassett | March 15, 2023
With changes in the housing market, you might question whether it is a good time to buy a house. But a better question to ask is whether now is the right time in your life to buy a house. What happens in the housing market is important, but your financial situation and whether you are […]
Buying a condominium
Home Buying, US Real Estate

Things Buyers Should Know Before Purchasing a Condominium

By Bill Gassett | March 14, 2023
Buying a condo can be an easier option when buying your first home. You won’t have to worry about upkeep in the same way as a single-family home, and you’ll also have access to more amenities. But before you consider a condo purchase, there are a few things you need to consider. What are Condos? […]

Home Buyers: Factors to Consider When Choosing a Neighborhood

By Catherine Tims | March 14, 2023
Did you know that around 63% of people buy their homes instead of renting them? Whether you're thinking about becoming a new homeowner or you'd like to buy another house somewhere else, you need to pay attention to the bigger picture rather than the home itself. Some home buyers get so caught up in the size and […]
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