Demand for tiny homes sends prices up

The coronvirus pandemic led to a surge in demand for so-called “tiny homes”, which can be either standalone or backyard dwellings. Tiny homes are in demand as people look for additional living space, or alternatively just for somewhere to live that’s more affordable. But like the rest of the U.S. housing market during the COVID […]

Renters face bidding wars as supply dries up

Bidding wars are becoming so common that they’re even impacting the rental market, as numerous wannabee tenants vie for a dwindling supply of homes and apartments listed for rent. Demand for rental properties is surging as workers begin moving out of their shared living situations as the U.S. reopens and gets back to work. Add […]

New York landlords win legal challenge against state eviction moratorium

Struggling landlords in New York were given a glimmer of hope Thursday as the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a part of the state’s eviction moratorium. The move means potentially thousands of renters face being evicted from their homes, CNBC reported. The order related to the state’s policy that allows renters to self-attest that they’ve […]

Builders limit home sales as orders soar

Home builders have been forced to stop taking new orders from hungry buyers in an unprecedented move that’s been taken to catch up with record-high sales over previous months. Builders in the U.S. have faced dozens of challenges as they bid to complete projects that are currently underway. Among them, surging costs of building materials […]

Covid-19 delta variant may cause more volatility in housing

The rapid spread of the coronavirus delta has led to pandemic precautions returning. They’re impacting the hot housing market too, and experts say it likely will continue to serve as the industry’s wild card over the next few months. The delta variant has led to volatile financial markets and some economic uncertainty. Recently, that has […]

Realtors associations challenge latest eviction ban

Local realtors associations are mounting legal challenges to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s latest ban on evictions, siding with housing providers who continue to face financial losses. The Alabama and Georgia Associations of Realtors, together with two housing providers, filed a motion last week looking to block enforcement of the ban, which the […]

Apartment rents are surging as people head back to work

Inner city apartment rents are rising again and available units are becoming harder to find as more people head back to work. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal this week, median rents for apartments in urban centers rose by more than 10% in the last month, compared to one year ago. Citing […]

CDC imposes another ban on evictions

Just days after a previous moratorium expired, the Centers for Disease Control has issued a new ban on evictions that it said will last for 60 days until October 3. The CDC’s original eviction ban expired July 31, raising fears that potentially thousands of tenants would be kicked out of their homes. The new moratorium […]

What happens after the eviction ban?

The national moratorium on evictions ended Saturday despite a last minute bid by Democratic lawmakers to extend it for another month. The ban on evictions was first put in place by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in September 2020. With the moratorium in place, tenants could miss rental payments without fear of […]

Democrats’ last ditch bid to extend eviction ban falls short

The House of Representatives failed in a last ditch bid to extend the controversial moratorium on evictions that’s slated to expire Saturday. In a joint statement, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (pictured), Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Whip James Clyburn blamed Republicans for the failed bill, which proposed extending the moratorium for another three months. “It […]