Existing homes become pricier than new builds

New homes in the U.S. have traditionally always been more expensive than existing homes, but recent data suggests that the opposite is now true. According to the National Association of Realtors, in March the median price of an existing single-family home hit a record high of $334,500. Also that month, the U.S. Census Bureau released […]

Helpful Hacks To Make Moving Comfortable

Are you planning on upgrading to a bigger home in a centrally-located and posh neighborhood? Or perhaps, you’re leaving behind your hometown in favor of a quieter, more peaceful life in the suburbs? Either way, planning a move is perhaps one of the most hectic or stressful ordeals one has to tackle in life. It’s […]

Many homeowners regret not refinancing earlier, survey finds

A large number of homeowners have expressed regret that they missed out on the 2020 refinancing wave, which saw many take advantage of record-low interest rates to reduce their monthly mortgage payments. A new survey from LendingTree found that 36% of homeowners who missed the chance to refinance say they regret not doing so. Many […]

Overcoming The Challenges of Decorating A Loft Apartment or Condo

Tall windows, high ceilings and wide open spaces are typical of a loft style home. But with that comes some unique decorating challenges.

YouTube influencers helping agents to sell luxury homes

YouTube influencers are shining a spotlight on luxury real estate, with videos that offer a closer look at some of the mansions of the ultra wealthy. This new trend for focusing on high-end properties has improved YouTube’s status as an “important marketing channel for even the most privacy-obsessed home seller”, the Wall Street Journal reported. […]

Do Real Estate Developers Make a Lot of Money?

Real estate development is quite a bit different from traditional real estate investing. The appeal of real estate development is the potential for higher operating profits during ownership and larger capital gains upon sale. Just like investing, real estate development typically specializes in either residential or commercial properties. Most residential development projects are further specialized […]

As The Housing Market Boom Continues, What Lies Ahead For The Home Financing Market?

All eyes are on the housing market as everyone waits to see whether the boom will crash anytime soon. Since 2020, home prices have been on the increase in every state, and Americans have been contemplating suburb homeownership as they look for affordable home prices. According to estimates by real estate and mortgage analytics company Black Knight, home prices […]

Survey: Buyers seek friendlier neighbors, flexible spaces and more smart home tech

Home buyers are showing more interest in being a part of a friendly, or neighborly community, a new survey has found. They’re looking for homes where their neighbors are more likely to share similar interests and where people are generally more active in the community, the survey found. The takeaways came from Bank of America’s […]

Comparing Zillow and Redfin Market Value Estimation

Comparing Zillow and Redfin as two of the best real estate valuators powered by data. In the end, get an appraiser.

Inventory relief in sight as more people plan to list later this year

More homeowners are planning to list their homes for sale later this year, bringing hope that inventory shortages that have plagued markets across the U.S. could soon abate. That’s according to a recent survey of 657 potential home sellers by realtor.com, which revealed that around 10% of homeowners say they’re planning to list their home […]