‘Underinsurance’ threat looms in disaster-prone areas

An uptick in reconstruction costs in certain disaster-prone areas means many homeowners may find themselves inadequately insured for the next catastrophe. Reconstruction costs have risen by 5.6 percent to 7.6 percent in some areas over the last year, according to CoreLogic’s 2019 Insurance Coverage Adequacy Report. CoreLogic examined potential underinsurance issues in four regional scenarios, […]

HUD seeks public comment on ‘Opportunity Zones’

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is looking for advice on how “Opportunity Zones” can be used to better benefit communities and the residents who live within them. To that end, it’s seeking public comments for ideas on how to achieve this. The government-backed Opportunity Zone Program was initiated under the Tax Cuts and […]

5 Hazards to be Aware When Buying a House

When real estate markets heat up, home buyers get desperate. This desperation often leads them to relax their standards especially when it comes to inspection issues. This is completely understandable especially when there’s lots of competition for the best homes. It’s important to realize that no home is worth jeopardizing the health and safety of […]

Hispanics are a driving force in homeownership growth rates

Hispanics are said to be driving homeownership growth in the U.S. more than any other demographic. In the latest 2018 State of Hispanic Homeownership Report published this week by the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, three compelling stats stand out: Hispanics represented 62.7% of the increase in the U.S. net homeownership rate between […]

What You Need to Know About Buying New Construction

New construction is appealing for many reasons. Two of which are undoubtedly the fact that the house is absolutely brand new and that you can customize as necessary to create a home of your dreams. Nonetheless buying new construction can be challenging, however, you will find some pointers to guide you through the new construction […]

Homeowners spend $20K on average to prep their homes for sale

Home sellers in the United States spend an average of $20,851 to sell their homes, according to Zillow and Thumbtack’s 2019 Hidden Costs of Selling analysis. This includes closing costs as well as improvements and other projects made when people are preparing their homes for sale. More than half of today’s sellers are doing so […]

What Millennials NEED to Know BEFORE Buying A Home

Are you a millennial who is ready and excited about buying a home? Great! But are you really ready? Are you sure? Buying a home isn’t something you’ve probably done often, if ever, in your lifetime, so don’t worry about what you don’t know. However, with that being said, if you want to make sure you get the […]

6 Reasons Hiring Professional Movers is Better Than Trying a DIY Move

Moving from one place to another is a significant occasion of your life. Doing so will take much time, and it will also cost a lot of money. Some of you, therefore, may be tempted to DIY your move instead of hiring a mover. However, attempting to do everything by yourself might not be the […]

Memphis – The Place to Flip Houses

In previous posts, it’s been mentioned that Memphis is the best metropolitan area to invest in turnkey rentals (that’s still accurate). Turnkey is great if you want to be a landlord but what about flipping houses? Well, the data is in and it turns out that Memphis is also the hottest market in the nation […]

Federal court says sleeping on the streets isn’t illegal

In response to moves by several cities in recent years that have adopted rules to punish or arrest people for sleeping on the streets, a federal court has said that such ordinances are “illegal” and should be repealed. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which covers nine states in the western U.S., including California and […]