CoreLogic: Condo inventory and sales growing fast

Condominium sales rebounded in June after taking a massive hit at the start of the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S., reaching a new year-over-year low point in May. That drop followed a late 2019 surge in condo sales, when the sector was growing at an even faster rate than that of single-family detached homes, CoreLogic […]

Tips To Maintain Your Home’s Exterior

A well-kept house not only helps you feel proud as an owner, but it also helps retain value and cut renovation costs. If homes are not consistently looked after, larger damage can occur, which means more money to fix it. In your journey toward house preservation, here are some tips to maintain your home’s exterior. […]

Where Can People on Unemployment Insurance Afford to Pay Rent?

As of August 2020, the U.S. unemployment rate sits at 8.4%. Although this is down from April’s high of 14.7%, it’s more than twice as high as this time last year — which hovered around 3.5%. That 8.4% unemployment rate equates to about 13.6 million people who currently aren’t earning a salary — many of […]

Report: A growing divide emerges in the housing market

There’s a growing divide in real estate, with some home shoppers fortunate enough to be able to buy newer and bigger homes, while others who have experienced job losses face losing their current home. The U.S. unemployment rate grew to 8.4% in August, and many Americans have been left struggling to pay their mortgages or […]

Home builders target less densely populated areas

The National Association of Home Builders says that building firms have shown a notable suburban shift in recent months, with small metro suburbs the only region to post a second-quarter gain in new single-family home construction in the last quarter. Home construction in small metro suburbs has increased 10.6 in the last quarter on an […]

FEMA offers extra payments to jobless through Disaster Relief Fund

With no further coronavirus federal stimulus relief bill on the horizon, individual states are rushing to take advantage of a weekly unemployment benefits program to try and secure more money to support people without work. The Federal Emergency Management Agency said it has been authorized by an executive order from President Donald Trump to allocate […]

Frenzied demand for homes is unsustainable, analysts say

The housing market is unable to sustain what is becoming an increasingly “frenzied demand” for what limited homes there are for sale on the market, analysts said last week. A new report from published last week shows that homes are getting more expensive while also selling much faster than before. In the last month, […]

Wire Fraud In A Real Estate Transaction

Everywhere you turn there is someone trying to scam you.  That includes being a victim of sort fraud during a real estate transaction.  That includes identity theft, being a victim of  rental scams on Craigslist, and wire fraud. A real estate transaction involves a lot of money.  With a lot of money the scammers come […]

NAR calls for emergency rental assistance for struggling landlords

The National Association of Realtors is calling for landlords to receive emergency rental assistance to help them cover their costs during the coronavirus pandemic. The call comes after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention called on a 1944 public health law that was created to help prevent the spread of dangerous illnesses, to justify […]

Wells Fargo sued for placing borrowers in forbearance without consent

Wells Fargo is being sued in a class-action lawsuit that accuses the bank of putting some of its borrowers’ mortgages into forbearance without their consent. By doing so, the borrowers’ credit reports were negatively impacted, and that prevented them from obtaining other financial services, they say. The bank responded to the accusations by saying that […]