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Demand for tiny homes sends prices up

By Mike Wheatley | August 23, 2021
The coronvirus pandemic led to a surge in demand for so-called “tiny homes”, which can be either standalone or backyard dwellings. Tiny homes are in demand as people look for additional living space, or alternatively just for somewhere to live that’s more affordable. But like the rest of the U.S. housing market during the COVID […]
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Small Space Living as a Global 2020 Trend

By Eric Jeanette | April 22, 2020
We are often told that, in order to be happy, we need to buy ourselves a lavish home with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a huge garden and preferably a pool. Of course, that home should be in a desirable area with no crime and the proximity to all the amenities that make life batter. However, […]
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Behind The Houses: A Closer Look At Living Tiny

By Regina Gables | November 4, 2019
From HGTV to reality, tiny homes are popping up in communities and cities around the nation. These unique forms of housing push minimalism to the max, with entire families living in spaces sometimes as small as 500 square feet. But what about tiny homes has appealed to so many, and what continues to make them […]
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Report: Tiny homes aren't all they're cracked up to be

By Mike Wheatley | February 14, 2019
The trend towards so-called “tiny homes” has attracted a lot of attention in recent years, with some expert saying their affordability may help to address housing shortages in many markets. But new data from PropertyShark suggests that smaller living spaces aren’t proving to be all that popular. PropertyShark said in its report that even in […]
A new family home started
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Housing and Real Estate Trends for 2018

By Chris Porter | February 17, 2018
The evolution of the real estate market is unstoppable with new trends emerging every year. As the economy shifts into an even higher gear, with more consumers making plans to own homes, there is a lot you can expect.
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Now you can buy a home on Amazon, but it might not be for everyone...

By Mike Wheatley | October 12, 2017 has deservedly earned its reputation as a place where consumers can buy virtually everything. Now, the site has added a new item to its catalog – homes.
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Tiny Homes in the News – Are They Really a Way to Beat a Mortgage?

By Al Twitty | May 3, 2016
In recent news there has been a huge movement towards downsizing, largely due to an uncertain economy. Prospective homeowners are leery of getting in over their heads with a mortgage on a home because the financial news is up one day and down the next. In an effort to make the best of the situation, […]
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