Will Adding a Dock to Your Lake Front Home Increase Your Home Value?

Living in a lakefront home is an ideal property investment for almost all of us. A lakefront home gives you unbeatable views, immediate access to nature, and a one of a kind piece of property. A lake offers individuals and families a great deal of adventure because there is always something to do. If you […]

More iBuyers resume operations

Just days after Opendoor said it was resuming buying activity in some U.S. markets, several of its competitors have announced they too are making a comeback. The re-emergence of iBuyers comes just weeks after analysts said the model was likely to be one of the first major casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic within the real […]

Rectifying Final Walkthrough Issues- Don’t Get Stuck With A Problem

One of the final steps before closing on your home is the final walkthrough.  In some circumstances, your final walkthrough may not be as perfect as you expected. What is the Final Walkthrough? This is a home buyer’s last chance to determine if the home is being delivered as expected as well as what is […]

Struggling To Pay Your Mortgage: Solutions For Homeowners

If you’re struggling to make mortgage payments, you are definitely not alone; according to statistics, roughly 1 in every 2000 homes are in the midsts of foreclosure. What’s more, the emergence of the novel coronavirus has simply amplified the mortgage payment struggle for homeowners around the globe.  Whether you are uncertain of your own financial […]

Young professionals drive growth in new home market

New home sales have reportedly doubled in the past couple of weeks, with millennials aged 31 to 40 driving up demand, according to new data from John Burns Real Estate Consulting. The data shows that most new home buyers are couples and individuals who’ve been looking to buy real estate for some time, and are […]

COVID-19 sparks big interest in suburban life

The COVID-19 pandemic could result in waves of people moving from the city and into the suburbs in search of more space, forecasts show. While 30% of American say they’ve browsed real estate listings recently, those who live in urban areas are twice as likely as those living in the suburbs or rural areas to […]

6 Crazy Good Reasons to Refinance a Mortgage

How and Why You Should Refinance Your Mortgage? Have you ever wondered what the reasons why so many people refinance their mortgage? Maybe you have heard friends and relatives discussing it and weren’t exactly sure? There are a few excellent reasons to get a new mortgage. Refinancing can reduce your monthly payments through lower interest […]

How The Real Estate Business is Affected By The Current Pandemic

2020 has proven to be a tough year for the economy so far in all aspects. Every business, regardless of the size, has felt the pinch of this COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, in some parts of the world, you’d be lucky to cash in a few dollars in a day.  Everyone is asking questions, but […]

Coronavirus layoffs threaten minority groups with housing insecurity

Massive job losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic have touched nearly every industry in some fashion, but perhaps none more so than food, arts and retail workers. And a new Zillow analysis shows that Latinx, Asian and black households will feel the impact of layoffs in these industries most significantly. More than 22 million Americans […]

How to Select Carpet or Tile for Your Rental Property

The roof will probably last for 30 years on your rental house, the hot water heater and heating systems will last for 20 years, and appliances for about 10 to 15 years. Depending on the condition when you purchased the property, chances are you’ll replace these once or not at all during the time you […]