A suppliers guide to marketing to estate agents

By RealtyBiz News | February 4, 2023
There are many factors that can differentiate one estate agent supplier from the next, so to find clients within estate agencies, it's best to communicate the benefits of your service/product to the right audience. What is your area of expertise? It is rare for estate agents to provide a full range of supporting services and […]

Useful Tips for Networking in Real Estate Business

By Ben Shepardson | January 17, 2023
Networking is a crucial aspect of the real estate industry, and it's important to have a strong network of professionals to help you succeed. But where do you start? How do you effectively build and maintain relationships in the real estate business? Don't worry, we've got you covered. In this post, we'll provide you with […]
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Real Estate Marketing Strategies for Business Travelers

By RealtyBiz News | December 26, 2022
For travelers, succeeding in the real estate industry takes more than good luck and a keen eye for opportunity. The market presents challenges requiring a well-thought-out strategy and optimizing digital marketing techniques to make the most out of every trip. With so many potential options, business travelers need to understand the strategies that can help […]

How To Set Up E-Commerce In 2022

By Jamie Richardson | November 23, 2022
It should be no wonder that there are more and more eCommerce websites, given that there are 2.2 billion digital consumers globally. People may buy everything they want online without worrying about transportation, parking, crowds, or poor weather.  Thus, establishing an eCommerce company is great if you want to earn money online. Fortunately, opening an […]
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8 Tips for Dominating the Short-Term Rental Market

By RealtyBiz News | November 12, 2022
The short-term rental market is booming right now. If you’re looking to start investing in short-term rental properties, or if you’re looking to expand your already existing portfolio, you need to put your efforts into overdrive right now. You can gain massive amounts of passive income if you invest in the right short-term rental properties, […]
Real Estate Class Room

How to Get Into the Real Estate Industry

By RealtyBiz News | November 4, 2022
Real estate can be a very lucrative industry to get into. However, it's not as easy as just filling out an application. You need to do a few things to increase your chances of being accepted into this field. This blog post will discuss those things and how you can get into real estate. Understand […]
real estate business

Tips for Running a Real Estate Business

By Shanea Patterson | October 15, 2022
If you think that you need to be a realtor in order to operate a real estate business, think again. There are many ways to get involved in the real estate industry, including as an agent, but also in many other ways including as a home stager, a photographer, or as a property manager. You […]
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