Concrete Jungle: Updating With An Unexpected Material

Discovering new ways to update your property can be an enlightening experience. New trends in home renovations and techniques means utilizing some materials that most homeowners would never have considered. One such trend is the use of concrete for projects other than a driveway or patio.

Counter tops

If a sleek contemporary kitchen is what you crave concrete might be just the answer for your counter top solution. This material, more often considered only for paving outdoor spaces, makes for a great counter top that can take the abuse of even the most seasoned (and messy) of chefs.

One of the main advantages of using concrete over granite or other more traditional counter top materials is its almost limitless customizable nature. Concrete can be molded into any shape, allowing you to create cool contours and lines that would not be possible using other solid surface materials or stone. You can also stain it in a variety of colors and even lay objects within the concrete to create a custom and personal touch. For more information on the advantages of concrete counter tops visit


In a way most modern homes, being built on a slab, already utilize concrete as a flooring substance. That concrete, however, is usually covered with a more traditional flooring option such as laminate or carpet. To create a long-lasting contemporary feel in your home concrete floors are the perfect option. When used for flooring concrete offers the ultimate in sustainability and wear resistance: it’s not easily scratched, dented or stained like most other flooring options.

If you’re in the construction phase of a new home this option is also much less expensive than traditional flooring as your slab is literally left as the flooring. With some staining and sealing these floors can offer either a rustic contemporary feel or a warm, more inviting feel such as you would see in hardwood flooring. For information on installing concrete floors visit

Concrete is a cost-effective and durable material that can be used for much more than paving a great patio or forming a driveway. While some projects using concrete can be performed as a DIY job others will require professional installation, so before beginning a project you’ll want to conduct some research and be sure you let the pros handle the more expert jobs.


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