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Pantry Perfection: Easy Storage Tips For Your Kitchen

By Alicia Murphy | September 14, 2012

Storage space is pivotal in enjoying your kitchen, whether you have 40 or 400 square feet. An erratic and disorganized pantry in particular can make anyone a little nutty. Fortunately there are ways to take even the smallest pantry and make it a functional and satisfying space for storing your family's food.

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Keeping Racks Organized

The items that we often store in our pantries aren't always conducive to keeping shelves neatly packed. Bagged foods such as potato chips and sauce mixes have a tendency to fall through wire rack units and otherwise fall all over each other. For this reason baskets are such a great idea for keeping pantries organized.

They allow you to keep smaller items that normally would have to be stuffed into an inconvenient spot in a cabinet organized and stored in a place that makes sense. Another great solution for keeping your racks organized is using plastic storage containers. The taller varieties meant for cereal leave more space in the pantry for other items than several cereal boxes stuffed together would allow and the smaller containers can be easily stacked on top of one another to conserve space.

Door Storage

An oft forgotten space in every room is the back of the doors. There are plenty of storage solutions made specifically to be hung over closet and pantry doors, offering you a vast array of new places to hang, stuff and store those little items that don't seem to have a clear home. In pantries door storage offers a great place to store canned goods, items in jars, spices, etc.

Don't feel you need the extra space for food? By hanging a cork or dry erase board or with a little chalk board paint you can turn your once unused pantry door into a small family scheduling space that's easily accessible to all of the members of your family.

With just a few small changes you can turn the most disorganized and harried pantry into a proper (and much more peaceful) place to store your food. No matter how much or how little space you have available in your pantry disorganization can make it all seem cramped.

Alicia Murphy is a licensed real estate agent. My freelance writing career began simultaneously with my Real Estate career in 2010.As a Realtor I’ve worked primarily with buyers in finding themtheir dream home and have experience in foreclosure sales, but I've also represented sellers in marketing and selling their homes. As we await the bolstering return of the Real Estate market I will continue to adapt to ever-changing conditions and continue to provide first-rate service to my clients.
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