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Creating a 'profitable' logo for your real estate business

By Guest Author | December 18, 2015

Buying and selling properties is a business that has never been in decline. However, this does not mean that each realtor is a multimillionaire. Quite the contrary – if you don’t have an effective strategy, consider that you have already been eaten by larger sharks.


What is the most important aspect of real estate business? Brand awareness is the key commercial factor. If you remain unknown, potential customers will bypass you. To become more or less a visible figure, you definitely need a "profitable" logo. A memorable logo has to have the following:

  • Worthy representation of your brand on an international scene. What is meant is not only the beauty of the logo, but also what it translates: realtor’s aspirations and goals, company’s general concept etc.
  • Keeping the identity and uniqueness.
  • Motivation and inspiration of employees and clients.

Is it just a matter of a few hours of efforts to hit the bull’s eye? Unfortunately, no. You need to create not just an image – it should be the living concept of your brand with all the elements harmoniously joined together (e.g DesignContest logos). If you’re going to make a logo on your own, try to inspire yourself.

Another approach is to hire a professional. He or she can create a logo in a few seconds, but only if he has enough data to do it. So, being involved in a real estate business, you should definitely know the nuances of services you provide – whether you specialize in selling apartments or plots, independent houses or country sites.


When preparing information for the description, make sure your logo clearly represents your brand, with all of its identity and uniqueness. Provide the designer with colors, fonts, pictures and text that you find attractive. Remember that any type of logo should not be just technically unique – it also should not resemble the ones of your competitors, otherwise you risk plagiarizing the ideas of others.

Believe in yourself and success will come your way!

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