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Creating Better Curb Appeal in a New Neighborhood

By Guest Author | November 12, 2015

Your home's curb appeal is directly related to its value. Even if your home is a gorgeous showplace on the inside, a bland exterior can turn away potential buyers before they even call for a showing. If you own a home in a newer neighborhood and want to increase your curb appeal before putting it on the market, here are some tips for turning blah into an attractive, inviting exterior.

Creating Better Curb Appeal in a New Neighborhood 1

Spruce Up the Door

Your home's entrance is its focal point, so leaving the boring white door that the contractor added can make your house look bland. Consider adding a splash of color by repainting it, or replacing it entirely with a more attractive option. Don't forget to polish the metal fixtures, and wipe away any fingerprints around the handle too.

Add Outdoor Lights

If potential buyers drive by to see your listing at dusk or into the evening, they shouldn't see a dank, poorly illuminated yard, with a lone porch light. Make an inviting path with foot lights, and consider lighting up an accent tree or water feature with colored lights. You can find solar-powered lights that don't require you to run electrical wires all over the lawn, so this is an attractive and easy option.

Makeover the Mail Box

If you have a freestanding mailbox out front, chances are, it's a standard box on a post. Consider painting the post to match your home's trim and planting some decorative flowers around the base. You may also want to replace a standard box with a more attractive option that matches the personality of your home.

Make the Trim Pop

Some housing developers will build row after row of houses with the same color of trim on them. When it comes time to sell, you need to differentiate your property from the rest. Consider a bold color, like bright red or a deep blue, to really make your trim stand out. It frames the house visually, and will draw the eye.

Polish your Windows

Having dirt on the outside of your windows decreases the amount of light that makes it inside, and will also make your house look shabby from the curb. If necessary, hire a professional to come out and polish all the glass. Potential buyers will notice it sparkling before they even park the car.

Handle Your Landscaping

The plants around your home need to be trimmed, free of disease, and look attractive. The grass should be lush, green, and edged properly. Any trees on the property also need to be healthy and properly trimmed so branches are not intruding upon the house's space. Call landscapers in Utah if needed, as the landscaping can have a huge impact on how your home and its worth are perceived.

Consider the Walkway

Many neighborhoods were built with bland, concrete walkways leading up to the door. If you really want to make a splash, consider ripping it up and adding stepping stones or all-weather tiles. Making your pathway more unique will cause potential buyers to feel invited inside to see what else your home has to offer.

Add in Small, Artistic Touches

If your lawn is nothing but a flat field of grass and your front porch is empty, your house may look cold and uninviting. Consider adding some ceramic art to the planters, or installing a gorgeous birdbath near the patio. Set out some decorations that reflect the style of your home and your personal tastes. While you don't want to overdo it, stripping away all the little touches can make your house feel abandoned.

Creating better curb appeal in a new neighborhood can be tricky. By following these tips, you can make your house stand out and be noticed among its neighbors in an attractive and inviting way.


About the author: Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and blogger. She lives and works out of her home in Los Lunas, New Mexico. She loves the outdoors and spends most her time hiking, biking and gardening. For more information on what landscaping designs might work for your yard, talk to Classic Jack Landscaping, one of the leading landscapers in Utah.

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