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Customer Testimonials: Why They Matter and How They Speak for Themselves (And For Our Brands)

By Jamie Richardson | May 9, 2022

Most of today's real estate agents and agencies are looking to make a quick commission and move on, but not the team at Las Vegas’ highly respected Custom Fit Real Estate.

Custom Fit Real Estate and its CEO Coltyn Simmons are changing the real estate industry by putting the client first and profits second, always. The firm specializes in helping home sellers achieve maximum results. They do this by not only prioritizing clients’ immediate needs, but helping them plan for the future as well, by way of renovations and plans that will provide the highest profit for home sellers and value for prospective buyers.

Here, Simmons shared with us some information about a particular favorite client of his, and we included the client’s response. It is truly a touching story — we dare you not to tear up.

The Backstory

“My client is a retired veteran who has his home broken into and, horribly, his life savings stolen,” said Simmons. “From that point on it was all downhill. He couldn’t afford to make the house payments and foreclosure was looming. Then the pandemic hit. Luckily, that put all foreclosures on hold, giving him time to find a buyer and sell! At one point, he was going to have to do a short sale.

The Outcome

Through the process of the short sale — even though they had an accepted offer for $270,000 — Simmons realized that because of market trends at the time, his client could sell for way more. So, he suggested that his client cancel the transaction and wait one year to relist. They did so, and received multiple offers. The final sale was $423,000, which not only replaced the client’s life savings but allowed him to pay off all his outstanding debts.

Why This is So Special

Simmons puts his clients before making a profit. Many realtors would take that first sale price for fear of not lining their own pockets. Not this guy. He wants the best for his clients with the ancillary benefit that it helps his business as well. Simmons is the definition of heart-centered professional leadership.

The client described had this to say:

“Coltyn, I truly believe you were sent by God. I don’t think anyone else could have done what you did. You truly were looking out for me in my situation and not to make a quick buck.”

Live Your Truth

Simmons lives and breathes his company’s mission statement: ‘Without a thought of compensation in mind, we go the extra mile for everyone in our community, every time.’

He went on to explain that he could have easily sold the house in the short sale, made a quick commission, and moved on to the next client. Instead, he endured an extended escrow for almost 12 months and answered all of his client’s prayers.

About Custom Fit Real EstateCustom Fit Real Estate is the most innovative real estate brokerage in Las Vegas. Custom Fit is the only brokerage in the city which has a licensed general contractor. The company offers updates to homes in hopes of selling for the most money, in the shortest amount of time possible, at no out-of-pocket cost. To learn more, please visit Custom Fit Real Estate

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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