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Is a Service Like Design Pickle a Good Choice for Real Estate Graphic Design?

By Mihaela Lica Butler | February 21, 2022

Does outsourcing graphic design make sense for your real estate business? Unless you have a graphic designer in-house or a special skill set to DIY, the advantages of outsourcing a graphic designer or service for your online and offline needs is a good idea.

"Design Pickle is a subscription creative services company powered by custom technology and a global subscription workforce across the globe."

Freelance graphic designers charge by the hour or per project, and they can get costly if you need a lot of artwork. On the other hand, services like Design Pickle make sense for "unlimited requests, unlimited revisions, and Adobe source files" with a quick turnaround. The idea behind Design Pickle offers you a few advantages over other outsourcing services:

  • Design Pickle will assign a dedicated graphic artist to your account;
  • you get flat-rate creative design services: you can request as many designs as you need for a monthly fee instead of paying per manhours or project (and per revision); 
  • you don't need to worry about your designer becoming unavailable on short notice: Design Pickle will cover your account in such an eventuality;
  • you don't have to stress about different invoices for different designs: the monthly subscription-based eliminates such hurdles;
  • and you get a 30-money back guarantee without being locked into a contract and can cancel at any time.

Design Pickle is a suitable choice for all kinds of design needs. For example, for a real estate company, you could use their on-demand graphic design services to:

  • create visually-appealing email headers customized to your brand;
  • design social media ads and graphics for social media pages;
  • create blog post graphics and infographics;
  • design posters, flyers, banners, and signs for your offline needs (for example, open house or other events);
  • and much more. 

In addition, the company also offers on-brand presentation designs and motion graphics that transform your static images into eye-catching visuals with animation. 

Design Pickle has three pricing plans, each advantageous for what they cover. Since all include unlimited requests and revisions plus a 30-day money-back guarantee, what you choose is up to your needs. 

The Graphics plan priced $499 per month only covers graphic design and custom illustrations but with a 1-2 day turnaround, which may not be ideal if you produce a lot of content (blog posts, social media updates, etc.) fast. Also, this plan doesn't include a designated designer, which may be problematic for branding consistency across your graphics. 

The Graphics Pro at $995 monthly is a better solution as it includes a same-day turnaround (this may change for very complex designs), a designated designer, real-time Slack collaboration, and a dedicated account manager. If you need graphic design, custom illustrations, and presentations, you can use this plan. 

The priciest plan, called Graphics Premium, is $1,695 per month and is the choice for real estate agents who need to incorporate motion graphics in their marketing strategy. 

With all these plans, you get access to a dashboard where you can:

  • submit your requests (for your brand or more brands), keep track of your design projects;
  • prioritize your creative queue: for example, if you need more than one design, you can decide which one should be executed faster;
  • give your designer feedback directly on your graphics to streamline the execution; 
  • get quick access to your design revision history, final designs, brand assets, and source files, all on the same platform with just a few clicks.

Access to source files is essential if you are in a rush and want to make a few tweaks yourself without sending the files back to the designer for revisions. 

Will Design Pickle or any of its competitors be a good fit for your real estate business? Yes, if you need many designs - especially for social media, ads, and blog posts. But, first, you must justify the cost, so submit enough requests to make the most of this platform. So, create a content strategy and plan. Then, if you need more designs than you planned for, the unlimited requests and same-day turnaround features will come in handy and justify the cost and your choice.  

Of course, there are several alternatives to Design Pickle, offering similar services, among several others, Penji, Kimp, and Flocksy. But, of course, it is always good to compare prices and what you get for your dollars before committing to any service. But, with Design Pickle's no-contract, no-setup fees, and a 30-day money-back guarantee, you don't risk too much. 

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