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Designing the perfect for sale sign to sell your property faster

By Jamie Richardson | September 5, 2018

Selling a property is complicated enough without thinking about all the other factors that intervene in the process. The secret of selling a property for a good price and quicker than initially planned has to do with the way one presents it to the world. As in any other domain, marketing matters, and people have to invest more of their time and resources into details that make the difference between one property and another.

The quality of the property itself might not weigh as much as the way it is perceived by potential clients. One of the details that make a difference is represented by for sale signs. Even though you may think that such a small factor won’t influence how fast you are going to sell the property, you will notice the change once you direct your attention towards it. Here are several pieces of advice on how to design the perfect for sale sign in order to sell the property you own faster than ever:

The first factor you need to consider has to do with the message you put on your sign. It’s not rocket science – you need to come up with a way of saying that the respective property is for sale. You can either do it creatively and replace the traditional “for sale” message with something more unique. If you are organizing house viewing, you should include relevant information regarding the date, time and hours for visiting, so that people know when they can come and check out the property. The message should be short, concise and should give people enough details to make them interested in your offer. Choosing a compelling font is mandatory. It is well-known that fonts can actually transmit emotions and convince people to read the sign in another manner. Look for the appropriate font and include it on your sign.

The size of the sign can vary depending on the circumstances in which you place it. You can either place a for sale sign right in front of the property or you can place one on the front door. It all depends on how visible you want the sign to be. In most cases, the signs that work best are the ones placed near the sidewalk, where people can notice it as they walk down the street. Most companies that create for sale signs will guide their clients in selecting the appropriate size. In case you don’t know what size would work best for the property you want to sell, ask for advice and you’ll be guided to make the right choice.

Information correctness
The information you put on the sign should be updated regularly if changes happen. You surely don’t want to leave wrong or outdated info on the sign and confuse potential clients with your unavailability. Whenever something occurs, invest in a different for sale sign or update the information on your existing one if possible. The information also has to be error-free and easy to read. Information correctness is a true sign of professionalism, so make sure to check the sign multiple times before placing it in front of the property. Wrong information will automatically influence your whole property’s image.

Branding – if you own a company
In case you are a real estate company that’s trying to sell as many buildings as possible in a short period of time, then you might need a brand. Your for sale sign can contain elements that will make people recognize the brand and associate the building with your extensive experience in real estate as a company. This gives you higher chances of selling the property compared to the sale opportunities that an individual has, without the implications of a brand. Having your sign personalized is not as difficult as you may think, and you won’t have to spend a lot of money into it either. Because you’ll be able to reuse the sign for further properties, you can only change the details that are outdated.

You can get creative and add something new to your for sale sign. The goal is to attract all the eyes on the street, so unleash your imagination and come up with the right accessories for your sign. You can try to attach colorful balloons to the sign, even though they might pop or get stolen. They are inexpensive and you can always replace them for an extra effect. Think creatively and gather inspiration from other brands that make their signage options easy to notice. The more accessories you add, the more visible the sign will be. Don’t overdo it either, or the main message of the sign might be missed.

Tech improvements
Have you ever thought about buying a tech for sale sign? Or how about the cheaper option – adding a QR code to it. If you have a website or other contact details in the online field and you want the potential customers to access it quickly, ask your signage provider to print a QR code to the sign. This way, you are linking the physical location to the virtual one, and clients can get more information there. You won’t have to fill the sign with too much information, as the details are included in the link that you set for the QR code. Technology can help you in many ways since it’s present in almost everyone’s lives.

Final word
For sale signs should be well-designed and strategically placed for the best result. If you manage to follow all the tips you found in this article, you have high chances of selling the property quicker than expected. Invest time and attention in these details and you can’t go wrong. Don’t forget that marketing is a big part of the selling process, but you have to keep in mind other factors as well. Marketing alone won’t get the house sold unless you combine it with good communication skills and presenting the property itself.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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