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Don’t Take It with You

By Guest Author | March 25, 2015

Whenever you’re getting prepped for a major road trip, be it a long awaited move or a much needed vacation, odds are that you will quickly find that covering all the bases of packing your luggage can be one of the most consistent and head spinning challenges involved. The stress of making sure you remember to pack everything tends to persist up until the final moments before you hit the road (and oftentimes even beyond.)


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However, taking the time to properly assess your goods and decide what truly deserves to come with you can have the propensity to save you a great deal of headaches along the way. Does a lava lamp that hasn’t featured a working bulb since your early college years truly need to make its way across the country with you as you begin a fresh chapter in your life?

If you’ve been meaning to revisit something you own for the past few years without any luck, there’s a very good chance that it won’t do much to affect the new beginnings you plan on migrating out to create.

Traveling Light

Before beginning to pack, it can be an effective idea to visit the traditionally less visited areas first, in order to keep an eye out for anything that might be able to be easily disposed of or donated. Got any boxes that remain packed and stowed away in a garage or guest room corner since the last time you moved? The odds are pretty high that the pattern will continue on at your next place as well—try not to let the denial of an old keepsake’s relevance keep you from taking the initiative in tossing it.

If it’s simply the notion of wastefulness that holds you back from getting rid of ‘perfectly good’ spare coffee makers and mini basketball goals, consider hosting a preliminary yard sale on a weekend leading up to your trip, or making a donation run to a nonprofit like Goodwill or ReStore—the sooner you do so will generally mean you’ll have a lot more fun with it than you will stress.

The Bigger Picture

It can almost go without saying that random junk holds an obnoxious amount of sentimental value for most of us, but what about the less obvious—furniture, clothing, and even old cars?

De-cluttering beyond the realm of old toys and appliances can take the convenience of a move to an entirely new level. Not only will the packing process provide you additional peace of mind, but you can save substantial amounts on weight-based moving quotes, vehicle transport services, and more.

Of course, we’re obviously not suggesting you toss away family cars during a move! However, if you’re one of the many who has ended up with a non-functioning car sitting in the back of a driveway or garage collecting rust for years, the moving process can serve as an outstanding “two birds, one stone” situation for you to take the initiative of selling it during—this can be an effective way to provide some extra cash to help with your move, as well.


About the author: Brian Wilson is a contributing writer and media specialist for the North American Moving Blog. He regularly produces content for a variety of lifestyle and home blogs, based around the transitional challenges which comes with migrating, settling into new homes, and more.

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