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Downsizing, Upsizing: Spotting the Signs It's High Time to Move

By Guest Author | January 2, 2017

A home is a castle indeed! But can you really relate to this old-fashioned idea? Though these romantic notions may make you feel cozy about your home for a few seconds, at some point these notions will take a back seat to reality! Perhaps, you want to be rid of cramped quarters! Or maybe you end up tired of managing never-ending home repairs.

The old memories spent in your current home may be worth cherishing forever. But let’s be honest, life has a way of changing things, sometime rapidly. As life changes, your needs change as well. Moving to a new, upgraded, and bigger home may become a necessity for your entire family. If you’re confused about which way to decide, then identifying these signs will help you figure out if you should really make a move.

1. Space Matters So Much! And You Seriously Need More
Is there enough extra storage space to place your casual outfits, formal coats, sporting equipment, and suitcases without stuffing them into the same, old cupboard? If it’s not possible to downsize any of your belongings, then it’s high time to upsize your living space.

2. Your Little Ones Will Soon Be Grown-Ups
Your home was a perfect place to live your dreams when you just got married. But now, your kids are growing and you cozy home is just not big enough to raise a family. This is when you should begin your search for a house with additional bedrooms and bathrooms. Ask any parent with teenagers in a single bathroom home.

3. You’ve Got the Money and It’s Time to Go for an Upsized Home
What’s not tempting about living in a home that’s bigger, better, and brand new?! Your income has incremented, and finally, you’re able to invest in your dream home. If you are comfortable with the costs of living in a bigger home, then you can move immediately. Don’t know how to get started? Browse STL Real Estate.

4. You Changed Your Job But It Seems Like You’re Commuting Forever!
You just love your job. But the new company you’re working for is located at the other side of the city. Besides the excessive traveling, you end up reaching home very late, and of course, too tired to enjoy your personal life. This is when moving to a house nearer to your work or business can save you from a lot of hassle.

5. You’re Looking for Kid-Friendly Amenities
When you shifted to your current home, you loved it because it was so close to your favorite café and gym. But now, you want to move to a locality that’s closer to your kids’ school. Since your family needs are changing, it seems practical to make a move.

6. Your Want More Than That Small Patio Garden
Your gardening interests force you to crave a bigger green yard that provides ample space to grow herbs, vegetables, and flowers. This is when you should say good-bye to your small patio garden because it just doesn’t satisfy the gardener in you! If you’re passionate enough to grow and nurture plants, then you should go for a house with bigger gardening space.

Tips to Make the Moving Process Easier
You’ve made your mind to move to your dream home. But are you dreading the moving process? Below are some useful tips to help you get through your moving process without experiencing any last-minute hassles:
• Adapt a proactive approach. Even if you have a month’s time to move, you should begin packing as soon as you’ve found a new home. Create a week-by-week item list and pack everything accordingly.
• Too much stuff to pack? If there are items you own but you no longer need, it’s always a good idea to donate them to charity, and now is a great time to do so.
• Perhaps you’ll make an effort to bump into your new neighbors! How about getting to know them before even moving in? This will not only give you the much-needed familiarity with the new neighborhood, their local knowledge of the nearby amenities can be a real timesaver too.
Everyone’s housing needs differ, as do their motivations to move. When you consider the space you need, your changing family situation over time, the kind of money you have at hand and where your career takes you, you will get a better idea if moving is the right thing to do, and when the time is right.
Maisie Bevan has experience working in real estate. Now a stay-at-home Mom as she raises her newborn and toddler, she shares some of her working-life experience with others through her writing.

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