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Drive leads and conversions with email marketing

By Letitiah Obiri | August 17, 2018

Email marketing is a great way to communicate with both current and prospective buyers to share news about listings and promote open houses. Taking the time to build a mailing list is essential for driving more leads and increasing conversions. As long as you have a consistent mailing schedule, recipients are often more likely to engage with a regular newsletter direct to their inbox than social media posts. Learn more about the key tactics for driving leads with emails and how you can boost interest in your properties.

Email marketing can help to win a client's trust

Drip email campaigns

Every time you meet new prospective buyers your sole objective is to collect their contact details to add to your mailing list. Many realtors make the mistake of not following up with new prospects immediately and that can cause realtors to miss out on potential leads. A great way of keeping in touch with new prospects with minimal effort is to set up an automated email drip campaign. When a prospect provides their email address they are giving you permission to share helpful and informative content so ensure your emails hit the mark. Avoid a scattergun approach of blasting your prospects with new listings for the sake of it. Emails should be targeted and mailing lists segmented so recipients feel valued. The goal of drip campaigns is to nurture your prospects along their real estate journey.

Your first email should be personalized and welcome the prospect to your realty firm with details on how they can gain more information on your listings. Your second could be inviting them to book a free consultation to learn more about your services and how you plan to aid their house buying experience. The third might be news on available listings and upcoming open houses, whilst the fourth could be testimonials from previous clients. Having these chains of emails set-up to go out every time someone is added to the mailing list will go some way to creating a lasting relationship with prospects.

Newsletter signup incentives

Email marketing is proven to be more effective than social media in generating leads, so your goal should be looking for creative ways to encourage newsletter signups to boost your mailing list. Consider the use of a website pop-up, a great tool for driving conversions through lead capturing. As well as inviting website visitors to subscribe to the newsletter, you could entice them with an incentive so they’re more likely to share their details. Perhaps you can offer exclusive access to listings, early invites to open houses and useful property buying guides. All of these are practical ways to ensure you are adding value with every subscription and the recipient is more likely to sign up. Make sure your pop-up is bold and stands out on your website so visitors can’t ignore it. There should be a strong call-to-action button in a bright colour with action phrases such as ‘subscribe now’ or ‘join today’.

Varied content ideas

Once you have built up your mailing list, your next task is to ensure you are sending valuable content to your subscribers to keep them interested. Decide on the frequency of your newsletters with an editorial calendar which also plots the content you publish. Keep subscribers informed and entertained with a rich variety of content that should be syndicated via your blog. You could feature your latest e-book on property buying or promote an upcoming property that has limited time on the market. Maybe you have collated some fantastic case studies from previous buyers or you want to share a webinar featuring property experts. Most of this content can be published on the blog before publishing in the newsletter to extend the reach of the content.

Email marketing is clearly a fantastic way of driving leads and conversions to help boost interest in your realty business. By encouraging new prospects to join your mailing list you can keep them well informed and engaged through their house buying journey. You can also keep current buyers happy with valuable content that will ensure they recommend your services to their peers.

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