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Easy and Affordable Steps to Safeguard your Home

By Guest Author | May 22, 2013

There are many programs on TV today, and even more online, dedicated to proving just how stupid criminals are. However, much as a broken clock is right twice a day, there are times when even the dumbest of burglars get things right or simply get lucky. While on face value, protecting your home from crime may seem expensive, the truth is it doesn't have to be.


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Take care of the basic points

Amazingly, a significant number of burglaries on the private home happen as a result of a burglar entering through an unlocked door or an open window. Keeping all doors and windows locked, even when inside the house, is a good habit to get into for this reason.

Naturally, regularly checking all entrances and windows and, if necessary, checking again before going out is another sensible precaution. As for being an affordable step to take, that it costs nothing other than thought and common sense is perfect.

Another basic point to cover off is setting lights to come on automatically whenever the house is empty – particularly for long periods of time. Have someone come over to check on things every once in a while, and draw any drapes or blinds to remove the temptation generated by TVs and other personal effects.

Take care of the finer points

While looking after such basic points will remove the threat from a significant number of burglars and vandals, there will always be those with enough guile or stupidity to keep on trying. As a result, taking a few extra precautions that do not cost megabucks is sensible.

For example, any exterior doors and entrances should have the extra protection of a dead bolt, which should be strong steel and have a throw of at least an inch. Any double entryways should be secured in much the same way with a vertical deadbolt.

Another great way to secure entrances and windows is through a security shutter system. These are ideal for locking down a property at times when it will be left vacant for some time too. However, even when in the house, shutters like Industrial shutters work very well in all sorts of areas, such as garages and yards.

Similarly, mesh grilles on windows can be extremely effective. With great solutions to ensure sensitive installation, you will only know the grilles are in place when being used. Ideal for in the warmer months too, they can secure a house fully even when the windows are left open for the refreshing breeze.

Take care of each other

Getting to know your neighbors is, perhaps, the single most effective way of protecting your home, while it also makes for a far better community. Acquainting yourself with the neighbors on either side and opposite just makes sense. You can all look out for each other, ask for favors, and easily raise concerns over something a little awry without fear of embarrassment.

Whether a key to the home is left when on vacation is an important decision to make; really, this should only ever be given if there is a very good relationship in place. Ideally, having a good friend or close family member to make a physical check on the property is best – just as long as they are introduced to the now friendly neighbors of course!

These are all great ideas to make a home safer and, being friendly with your neighbors has a great many other benefits too. Another simple idea is to get a dog and post a sign in the yard. A cheaper alternative is to have a motion triggered barking dog alarm. It is simple and effective as no one, criminal or otherwise, is really willing to become Cujo's dinner.

About the author: Ian Blackmore works for DMI Security Group Ltd – a London based designer, manufacturer and installer of high-quality security products. Catering for both the commercial and domestic markets, it calls upon its expertise and highly qualified, experienced installers to provide an efficient and ultra-professional service to suit all security needs. Specialising in such crime prevention accessories as roller shutters, retractable grilles, alarms and security fencing, more information about DMI’s products and services can be found at

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