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Economic Indicators: A Vital Tool for Real Estate Investing

By Sharon Briggs | June 7, 2012

Residential real estate investment isn’t really a way to become rich instantly. Investing in real estate successfully necessitates either considerable reserves of capital, or an outstanding credit rating and sufficient income.Real estate investment has aided investors in amassing wealth for many years.

Economic indicators

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Although you might be eager to get involved in real estate investing, obtaining a loan to help you get initiated might not be easy. Look at all your options and ask yourself when you calculate your mortgage how much can I borrow? For those seeking to buy a new home, this is a common question. However, when it comes to real estate investment, economic indicators play an important role. Economic indicators are figures about the economy that gives you an idea on how the economy is functioning right now and a vision of where it might be heading into the upcoming days.

Formerly, economic indicators were used in the fields of government, corporations, big organizations, educational researchers and experienced investors. These bodies realize the importance of having awareness about the statistics concerning existing economic circumstances and likely regional, national and global trends. Economic indicators offer important information, which directly affect consumers, renters, workers, purchasers, investment and business strategies.

For any investor, economic indicators are an essential tool. These days, small business proprietors and investors need to use economic indicators for their investment evaluation to help decide present economic situation, predict upcoming financial possibilities and take sensible decisions.

Kinds of economic indicators

There are three types of economic indicators: lagging indicators, coincident indicators, and leading indicators.

  • Lagging indicators - These indicators provide investors with an insight into activities in the economy after alterations have taken place, setting up a particular trend or pattern. Lagging indicators are used by investors in order to confirm long-term trends and present economic situation. Lagging indicators consist of New Home Sales, Employment, Home Prices Index, Business Profits and Labor Cost per Unit of Production. However, it’s not really advisable to depend on lagging indicators for calculating prospective trends in the real estate market or the overall economy.

  • Coincident indicators - These indicators change concurrently with the situation of the overall economy. Thus, coincident indicators supply information concerning the present condition of financial affairs. Instances of coincident indicators consist of the GDP or Gross Domestic Product, Individual Income, Nonagricultural Employment, Inventory and Industrial Output.

  • Leading indicators - These indicators identify financial changes long before they become obvious in the economy. Consider leading indicators as a foretaste of future economic occurrences. A few of the most employed leading economic indicators comprise the Weekly Jobless Claims, New Residential Construction Report, Durable Goods Orders and S&P 500.

If you’re a real estate investor and ready to spend sufficient time and effort, you can effortlessly comprehend economic indicators and include important insights into your decision-making. Keep in mind, a rise or fall in statistics for the exact term - week, month or quarter, doesn’t really predict an alarming recession or boom. Figures need to show a constant increase or decline in order to set up a particular trend. At times, figures convey a mix message.

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