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Filling Your "Sales Funnel" With Social Engagment

By Joe Spake | January 17, 2011

Real estate agents have traditionally added prospects to their sales funnels through print advertising, direct mail, cold calling, and even door knocking.  More recently some have relied on the Internet to generate leads through their personal websites, or by purchasing leads from a variety of real estate oriented national/international sites.

In the model below, insert your various social channels for a refined gathering and filtering process. In fact, an astute social media guru can enhance their sales funnel even farther, read on.

Put Facebook in your sales funnel

Insert Facebook, Twitter, and your other channels and turn it on - courtesy ZOHO CRM

The concept of the sales funnel involves the transformation of  a large pool of so called “cold” leads, or unqualified prospects,  into a concentrated stream of actual customers. Social networks are a good fit for this concept, and more and more agents are beginning to see the power of social media in developing the kinds of relationships that transform strangers into loyal customers.

Social media allows agents to establish a more focused and targeted approach to filling the funnel by seeking out, “friending”, or following people that share similar interests or match a desired customer demographic, such as education level, age or specific geographic location.

The social throng headed your way

Get that throng, that funnel, headed in your direction

They Don't Call It SOCIAL Media for Nothing

For business success in social media, no matter what social platform you find your strengths in,(Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), you must Engage!  Engagement is all about providing relevant content, listening, responding, and in so doing engaging potential customers in two way communication.  Author and new media guru, Brian Solis (below imparting a secret) who researches and writes extensively on interactions within the social networks, brings the point home in his latest book Engage!

Put aside the normal historical approach of push, or interruption marketing for the permission marketing approach described by Seth Godin over 10 years ago.  To put it simply, this general, ongoing stream of "conversation" in social media enhances relationships and makes the agent more real, and approachable to potential customers.

Brian Solis

Brian whispers the secret of social engagement - courtesy MediaBistro

Continual client relations can be smoothly carried out via social media, as a positive transaction tends to strengthen the friendship or relationship bond, which is effectively continued and strengthened through  regular social media interaction.  For example, staying in touch with inactive clients through Facebook may be as simple as posting a happy birthday greeting or congratulations on accomplishment or family event on a client’s wall. Something that simple can actually be a very powerful engagement element.

In future posts we will explore more specific social media platforms and techniques that will help bring real estate agents into the world of modern marketing and lead generation. In the mean time, while you wait for that next client call, you may as well tune into the web.

Joe Spake is noted and quoted expert on social media and real estate topics at the national and local level. A syndicated consultant, Joe is also a licensed real estate broker with Revid Realty in Memphis, Tn.

Joe is a leading area consultant for small businesses, non-profits and individuals via his company Spake Communications. He is also co-founder of Social Web Learning and is a product consultant for Telivant.

Joe has began engaging with leading edge technologies in the mid 1990s, utilizing online marketing for his real estate business.He is an experienced presenter of marketing, technical and social media content and has authored courses and developed course content to enhance the use of technology and social media for business professionals.

Joe is one of the most "wired" real estate experts you will run across, and always willing to lend a helping hand to those who want to traverse the digital real estate potential.
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