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Finding Work With a Home Builder after Graduation

By Jamie Richardson | June 26, 2017

National home builders may have faced hard times with the housing crash in the late 2000’s, but the housing market has been going strong ever since. As such, home shoppers have become a lot more interested in new home developments. These are some of the most meticulous homebuyers in the industry, but they are also willing to spend more to live in homes with open plan layouts, superbly designed basements, and unique bedroom suites.

If you have just graduated with an online master of engineering, looking for a job at a prominent home building company could be easier than expected. Not only are these firms in search of talented engineers, they also give their employees the freedom to reach their full potential. See just how far you can take structural engineering and home design in the effort to satisfy new home shoppers.

What You Should Include In Your Portfolio
Since you will not have the ability to draw upon decades of experience spent in the housing market, you will need a killer design portfolio. For each homebuilder that you interview with, see what type of floor plans and home models they are featuring. If you find that a homebuilder you want to work with offers a lot of ranch-style and split-level homes, avoid presenting a portfolio that is full of soaring three-level residences. Try to make your design ideas fit in with their aesthetic, but make sure that your personal flavor is present.

Preparing For Face To Face Interviews
If your designs are impressive, you will be invited to meet and have interviews with several potential home building companies. In addition to dressing appropriately, you should know what type of answers you should give to important questions. Prepare to talk about your personal accomplishments, where you see yourself in five years, and what assets you would bring to each company. There are going to be a few curveball questions thrown out at you so just take your time and answer as honestly and authentically as you can. Always approach the interview from an engineering point of view to make certain that each interviewer knows that you can handle pressure.

Making a Positive Impression on Home Builders
Applying for positions with a master of engineering degree will not get you a job alone, but being able to showcase that you are both adaptable and skilled will get your foot in the door. Homebuilders want to be able to help influence design ideas by pushing the envelope, introducing new materials, and challenging what people think a home should look like. Think of all of the practical elements of a home and think of how you can make them unique.

Relocation may be required after you find a job with a prominent home building company, so prepare to pack your bags and go. You will work with talented engineers, interior designers, and construction managers in an effort to create visually appealing and structurally sound homes. From townhouses to modest bungalows, if you can picture a cozy spot that you would personally want to live in then you can design it.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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