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Five Different Factors That Affect Real Estate Values Within a Single City

By RealtyBiz News | April 13, 2023

Real estate prices do not only differ based on which city properties are located. They can also vary wildly within a single city.

Various factors can impact the price of properties within a city. Here are five of the most common factors that affect real estate values. 

1. The Location

One of the biggest factors that affect the value of a property within a city is its location.

Every city has desirable areas to live in and less desirable areas. So, real estate in the former will cost more than in the latter.

Also, over time, less desirable locations within a city can become desirable as populations grow, demand increases, and neighborhoods are regenerated.

The proximity of a property to the city center can also significantly affect real estate prices. Homes that are close to downtown will be more expensive than those further out from the city center.

2. The Proximity to Amenities

Locations that affect property prices are not only based on the popularity and reputation of neighborhoods. The amenities and services in the local area can also increase or decrease real estate prices.

For example, properties that are close to schools, parks, swimming pools, gyms, and stores are often more expensive than those that are in areas with few amenities.

Having said that, if properties are near retail estates but not close to other amenities, real estate prices can be lower.

So, do not only look at existing retail stores in an area to gauge how they will affect property prices. Also, look at new stores that are opening in the area. You can easily locate thousands of stores and services’ openings and re-openings at

3. The Size of the Property

Other factors besides location will affect real estate values within a single city. One obvious factor is the size of a property.

Typically, real estate with more square footage will cost more than property with less square footage.

Though, properties with a lot of square footage that are in poor condition and need a lot of work done to them can be less expensive to buy than smaller properties that are in excellent condition.

4. The Property’s Usable Spaces

Following on from the last point, the usable spaces of a property can also affect the price.

If a property has usable spaces like garages, basements, attics, and backyards, it will typically be more expensive to purchase than a property without any additional usable spaces.

5. The Condition of the Property

We have already touched upon how the condition of a property can affect the price, but let us look at the factor in more detail.

When a property is in poor condition, it needs work done to it for it to be habitable. Therefore, when a property has, for example, a holey roof, poor foundations, and plumbing problems, it is sure to be cheaper than a similar property in the same neighborhood that is in prime condition.

But that does not mean that the homebuyer will necessarily get a better deal than if he or she bought a similar property in good condition, because the cost of renovating the property in poor condition could potentially cost as much as it would to pay the additional funds to get a similar home in excellent condition.

Having said that, savvy property buyers have the opportunity to buy properties in poor condition, renovate them, and make a good return on their investment. But it is essential that property buyers work out renovation costs before they buy to ensure the time and money are worth spending.

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