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Five Ways Living on an Island Is Different Than Living Anywhere Else

By Jamie Richardson | July 2, 2019

Every city and town across the globe has unique features that make it different than living anywhere else. Different areas have different feels and the residents of those places act and dress differently, depending on where they call home.

When it comes to living somewhere new, many people dream of an island lifestyle. It’s true that living on an island comes with many perks, but it comes with a few cons as well. It’s important to consider it all before you decide to call any island home.

Whether you’re thinking about living on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi or you’re dreaming of a tropical locale in the Bahamas, there are some things about living on an island that are definitely different than living anywhere else.

Embracing Beach Hair

Many people spend hours trying to get the perfect beachy waves. That’s something that comes automatically with many island locations!

However, for many residents, getting any other kind of hair is a near impossibility. With the wind and humidity, curly hair just won’t stay straight. If you hate having to tame your curls, an island locale can get quite frustrating.

Even colder island climates have their own challenges. Most islands can get really windy, so even if you didn’t swim in the ocean and it’s not humid, you will still find your hair in a knot. Living on an island means embracing the hairstyle it creates.

Dealing with Tourists

Many beautiful islands have been ruined thanks to tourism. It’s no wonder area residents aren’t always so welcoming, but it’s a double edged sword. For many island communities, tourism spending is what keeps the economy afloat.

That means it’s a delicate balance between complaining with the neighbors about what those crazy tourists did last night and welcoming them with open arms. It might also include a fair bit of volunteering to keep the beaches and community clean and safe.

Close Community

Intentional communities are on the rise. That’s because being part of a community comes with a wide range of benefits:

  • A sense of belonging staves off feelings of loneliness and depression
  • When you know your neighbors, crime is greatly reduced
  • Resources and knowledge can be shared

The great thing about island life is that you’re automatically part of a tight-knit community. Because an island can only be so big, the residential population is kept low, which means you’ll know everyone who lives nearby, and they will know you.

There’s also just something about island life that is more friendly and welcoming than other areas. Residents frequently wave to each other and tourists they don’t know, and you’re likely to find friends at the beach or sitting on their front porch as the sun sets.

Life and Work Are a Bit More Relaxed

One of the big draws of island life, especially for transplants, is the more relaxed lifestyle. People all over the globe are looking for ways to slow down their busy lives, and living on an island will do that for you automatically.

Island time is a real thing when it comes to every aspect of your life. That means you’re never in a rush to get out of the grocery store, but it also means work is a bit more relaxed.

Tight deadlines are few and far between in island communities. Breaks at the beach and stopping to chat with other residents are the norm. It’s no wonder most island residents report a higher quality of life than those stuck on the mainland!

Hopping on a Boat Is as Common as Getting in a Car

How do you get to work? It probably isn’t by boat! However, that might be your reality if you live on an island.

Traveling by boat is just as common as traveling by car when you live on an island. That can be a good and a bad thing. It certainly makes life interesting, but for some residents, it means owning both a boat and a car.

Although skimming the water can be a tranquil experience, it can get downright irritating if you have to get on a boat every time you want to go shopping. It can make ecommerce more difficult too. Putting things on cars, planes, and boats makes ordering a package expensive!

There’s no doubt that living on an island is completely different than the experience you’ll get on the mainland. That’s both good and bad! Consider the pros and cons carefully before you decide to make an island your permanent home.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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