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Four Quick Tips On Successful Spring Landscaping

By Guest Author | March 10, 2012

Now that spring is around the corner people are ready to spruce up their yards, liven up their entryways and fix up their outdoor space.  Here are some quick tips on landscaping your home’s exterior.  Depending on the condition of your outdoor space, the budget and the amount of time you’d like to devote to your landscaping, evaluate the scope of your project before getting started, look at that site for extra info. And if a part of your garden is susceptible to soil erosion, you may need residential or commercial soil erosion control services.

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Clean Up Last Year’s Mess and Prepare for Seasonal Transition

Set aside a weekend to tackle messes before embarking on new landscaping projects. An unkempt yard with shrubbery needing to be trimmed, left over mulch that needs trimming or areas in the garden that need cleaning up – all need attention. Starting your project with a clean slate will allow you to see the potential your exterior space holds. Looking for an open-top or a hooded bin, something for garden garbage? Then you can check out some helpful sites like Streetsolutions so you'll be able to find the an appropriate outdoor bin right here, in a variety of colors and sizes!

Plan Out Your Landscape Before Shopping

Spring fever elicits hasty shopping trips for many before even having a landscaping plan in place. With a plethora of choices available on anything from garden and patio furniture, décor, plants and shrubbery to accessories – without a plan your landscaping endeavor can become a mess.  Plan out exactly how many new trees or shrubs, flowers and plants will be coming in.  It is a good idea to have a design theme in mind for a cohesive look.

Save Big Projects for the Pros

Most homeowners like to get involved in their own projects but before delving into a major landscaping endeavor be sure that the scope of the project is within the realm of your abilities.  If you don’t have time or lack the proper tools necessary – sometimes it’s better just to hire a landscaping professional in the first place.  If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, the home’s exterior will be an investment in a successful sale.

Small Changes Can Go a Long Way

If the budget is tight but your outdoor space needs some improvement, one of the best ways to accomplish that is with simple fixes that take a bit more time but not as much expense.  Trim hedges, plant a few seasonal plants, add some garden accessories and retouching the paint on a fence or outdoor fixtures that need some brightening up. You might also want to put up a simple wood fence with the help of professional fence builders.


Remember, landscaping is as vital an aesthetic aspect of your home as the interior. Once beautifully landscaped, not only will you enjoy the change of scenery looking out but visitors will also find the home’s curb appeal inviting.

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