From Lawnly to Lovely: The Importance of Lawn Care and Lawn Aesthetics

According to a May 2015 research done by Harris Poll of the National Association of Landscape Professionals, an estimated 84% of Americans find it important to have a well-maintained lawn. This is not surprising because lawns have a really big impact on a home’s overall value. This article will discuss the importance of lawn care and lawn aesthetics and hopefully help you to realize the necessity of having your lawns regularly maintained.

Lawns Increase The Value Of Your Property And Its Marketability

Let’s face it: you probably won’t stay in your house forever. In the event you would want to relocate and sell your house, you would be thankful that you have regularly and properly maintained your lawn, because lawns increase the value of your property. A properly manicured lawn not only creates an impression of a house but will definitely enhance garden perennials around your home.

Typically, lawns are one of the first things that potential home buyers see. As the old saying goes, “First impressions last.” The buyer’s first impression of your home can oftentimes make or break the deal. As a matter of fact, renowned Des Moines-based realtor Sara Hopkins said that “Landscaping is probably the best and easiest, most affordable way to increase your home value.”

Lawns Offer Aesthetically Pleasing Scenery That Can Help Improve Your Mental Well-Being

Another reason why lawn care is important is because having a well-maintained lawn helps you relax. According to Color Psychology, the color green is used in chromatic therapy to soothe the soul and mind. It purports to help loosen the body, from a mental and physical point of view. It has also been known to help reduce feelings of anxiety and nervousness.

But how do you keep your lawn green? It necessarily depends on where your lawn is located geographically. For example, lawn care in Washington DC can get quite complicated since the climate in this location tends to be either of the two extremes: hot summers and cold winters. If you want to maintain your lawn green and healthy appearance, doing in-depth research about the proper lawn manicure technique based on the location of your lawn should be one of your foremost considerations.

Lawns Absorb Noise Pollution

Lawns not only add monetary value to your home and give you aesthetically pleasing scenery for your leisure hour relaxations, they also have the ability to absorb noise pollution. Nowadays, noise pollution is becoming more and more of a problem especially in highly-urbanized areas. According to a study conducted by the Maryland Agricultural Statistics Service, studies have shown that if a grassy turf is planted on a barrier slope facing a noise source, the noise reduction can be as much as 8-10 decibels. They continued by saying that “Sounds that do penetrate lawn and tree areas are rendered softer and less irritating.”

Lawns Have A Positive Environmental Impact

Lawns have been proven to help in preventing soil erosion because they have the ability to absorb rainfall effectively. Not only that, grasses in the lawn also absorb carbon dioxide and emit fresh oxygen in a process known as photosynthesis. During the hot summer season, a properly maintained lawn will also provide you with a cooler atmosphere than if you are surrounded by asphalt and bare soil.