Getting a New Roof or Roof Repair During COVID-19

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 has impacted the world and will go down in history as one of the major illnesses that have affected humanity. But unlike plagues of the past, there have been enough advances in research, medicine, communication, and chemistry to allow an enormous amount of functionality even when human-to-human contact must be avoided.

People working on the new roof

Why You Shouldn’t Delay Repairing Your Roof

Roofing is considered an essential business for a very good reason — your roof protects your home from wet weather, insects, and rodents. If you have a dent, leak, or even a raccoon that decided to nibble a hole into your shingles, then you can face other health concerns. 

Roofing problems don’t stay static, they get worse. If you have wood in your attic that water has been leaking into, then mold can develop. The longer you delay, the more it spreads. And because wood is an organic material, the mold weakens it and makes it become spongy, which can lead to catastrophe eventually. In the meantime, you and your family are breathing in mold. And in times like these, you want to prevent yourself from developing any health problems that mold in homes can cause, including breathing problems. 

Modern Technology Keeps Residents Safer

The roofing contractors at Jackson Contracting have said that contractors don’t ever have to come in contact with you. How this works out in every phase of your repair is as follows:

  • Consultation: If you already noticed problems in your home, then you can either video conference with your contractor to show them and give them a “tour” of the damage, or you can take pictures and email them. 
  • Estimate: This is where technology really shines. In addition to the images you provide your roofer, drones can be used to assess your roof. But because contractors aren’t entering your home, they can walk into your property to get a good look from the outside without ever touching a single door. There is also technology that allows roofers to create a 3D model of your roof so you can see what the final product will look like. Lastly, satellite technology allows roofers to see your home and provides an additional method of conducting an assessment. 
  • Contract: After speaking, your contractor will be able to tell you how you can choose roofing materials online. Everything you agree upon will be put into a contract that can be emailed to you, signed, and emailed back. 
  • Roofing work: Crews in all industries are disinfecting their trucks, tools, and other supplies necessary to get the job done. And since all the work is being done outside, you don’t have to worry about roofers coming in contact with you. 

Keeping You Comfortable

During normal times roofers recommend residents to leave their homes because of the noise roofing work causes, but it’s understandable that most people can’t or don’t want to. So to make it easier for you, be sure to find a place to keep your car while the work is being done. If you work from home, then you will want to wear earplugs or headphones when workers are around. If possible, schedule conferences and important phone calls during workers’ lunch breaks or when they are not around. Most importantly, feel free to voice your concerns to your contractor, who should be compassionate enough to understand during these times. Together you both can work so you get the repairs you need without compromising your health.