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Green Patio Ideas to Try on Your Next Home Improvement

By Jamie Richardson | September 21, 2019

Looking to make a few renovations for your home? Wanting to spruce up your backyard? Both of these things go hand in hand when it comes to renovations but with a planet that is stuck in the throes of climate change; it might be a good idea to look into green patio ideas.

Green Homes

Green patio ideas? You might be asking yourself what this is and how it can be completed. What exactly constitutes a green patio idea? Well anything that gives back to the environment and lessens your carbon footprint. These types of things are guaranteed to make your home more self-sufficient, but the other bonus is that if you ever went to put your home on the market? Your curb appeal and asking price just went up.

When a potential homeowner is looking to purchase a new home; they first look for sizing, structural soundness and how it looks from the outside. They want a home that shows no signs of wear and tear but instead a home that their own memories can be easily made in. the outside look of the home (the patios, the lawn and landscaping, gardens and greenery) all adds to this appeal and could boost the number of people interested in your home.

Gardens, Gardens, and Gardens

One of the best things you can do to increase curb appeal and go green in terms of your patio is to add gardens all around it. Plant some wild flower seeds and have flower gardens lining the patio with an opening to walk down into the backyard. Use the open space to install vegetable and fruit gardens that not only decrease your grocery bill but also increase your contribution to the fight against climate change.

Consider putting planters all over your patio in strategic locations and have lush, blooming flowers welcoming visitors or instead use them for herbs to add a spicy smell to the air. You can even place furniture made from recycled pallets on your patio for an inviting atmosphere.

If you are going to make your patio and accompanying backyard a green oasis; it is important to have tools on hand to maintain them. You’ll want not only time and effort for maintenance tasks (think weeding, harvesting, tilling the soil, fertilizing the soil and spreading mulch); you’ll want the equipment to get the job done. Gardening gloves, kneeling pads, weed removing tools, water supply with an adjustable nozzle and a kink-free hose (check out the Eley hose reel for the best quality) and even a trowel for quick plant removal.

Go Solar

Solar panels can be installed for a significant cost on the roof of your home and on the patio to supply solar energy instead of using electricity. This is the new “green” method of electricity, but a full overhaul can be quite expensive. Instead, why not look into placing solar lights around the patio and harnessing the energy of the sun to light up those dusky evenings. You can string solar lights around the patio posts, install pot lights on the railings and even place solar lights on the furniture and into the planters.

Use this method of lighting instead of running an extension cord from the home or shed to outdoor lighting. This will not only save the environment but also on your monthly light bill.

If going solar isn’t a viable option for you; then look into replacing existing light fixtures with LED or energy efficient ones instead.

Choose Second Hand

Another way to green your patio is to choose secondhand furniture or make your own. A coat of paint or varnish, some sanding and new cushions with brightly colored patterns can quickly transform your patio in a showcase. Choose furniture from flea markets or “buy used” stores and then get your creativity to work to make it your own.

Look at ways to design and build furniture using old pallets, recycled timber/lumber (most hardware stores carry flawed or recycled wood) and use material from a flea market to design your own cushions. All you’ll need is a hammer, nails, saw, and the paint/varnish you want to use. The cushions are then made from material or fabric, stuffing and thread. Search the web for the numerous ways to complete both of these projects!


It is important for each person on this planet to make adjustments to their current routine and start doing even little things to help in the fight against climate change. With green patio ideas; your contribution just increased a little bit more. You want a home and lifestyle that will celebrate your life on the planet and Mother Nature, not harm it.

If you are in the market for a new home and looking to make back your renovation money during the scale; then you are going to want to showcase your home. Draw the potential buyers’ eyes in from the outside and leave them anticipating how nice it must be on the inside. After all, no one will want to purchase and make memories in a house that looks like it was abandoned!

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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