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Home Sweet Whatever: More Than Just a House

By Guest Author | December 2, 2011

What makes a home? The answer is different for everyone. Some might say the tumble of children running down the stairs right when you walk in the door. Old Grandpa George would say it takes a great lawn to make a great home. For some, it’s the town that makes the home. Some people want huge homes, and some want cozy cottages. And that’s the beauty of it all – we all want something different, so the world of home varies wildly and colourfully.

Home sweet nowhere

Home sweet nowhere - courtesy Jim Davenport

Ever wonder what your neighbour calls home? How about your crazy friend from way back when? What makes home in the Midwest? Here are a handful of the different places we all call “home” from around the country.

You may remember our post on Tiny Houses. Tumbleweed, Micro Compact, and Twelve Cubed are among the more recognizable names when it comes to this niche world of cubby-like housing. Homes that measure in at but a few hundred square feet and smaller while still providing the fullness of an entire “standard” house has become a popular design fad – both for innovative design, and for saving money. It’s simple – no furnaces to replace, no excess siding to insulate – just the essentials. But how small can you go?

Home home on the street

Home, home on the ? Courtesy Jim Davenport

Going one step beyond small houses, take a look at these small towns. I’m not talking about small towns like you may know. There are a handful of cities whose populations register under 10. Some of their signs read: Population: 1. And they’re not joking. How else can you make a town your hometown? Buy the whole town.

Home can also be what you make, what you find, and who you’re with. Take these stories from K-Okay Radio for instance. This radio show examined what people consider to be their homes – and they’re all archived here. Wondering what everyone else thinks home is? Take a listen to some homegrown pirate radio.


Little shack on the Prairie

Little shack on the Prairie - courtesy Jim Davenport

Those are just a few examples. A good roof over your head, a good book, and your beverage of choice may be all you need.

Written By Jim Davenport

Jim Davenport is a seasoned contractor specializing in heating and cooling. If you’re looking for information on HVAC, he recommends the following guides on Carrier furnaces and HVAC Ratings.

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