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How ADA Compliance Improves Your Real Estate’s Marketing

By Jamie Richardson | January 18, 2021

In spite of most people taking advantage of technology, people with disabilities continue to face challenges including going online to have access to information they need. It’s been said that adults living with a disability are less likely to seek help online compared to those who don’t have a disability. Three times less is the tendency we’re looking at. Read this article if you’re from the real estate industry and would like to elevate your marketing game. You can prepare better for the CASp inspections that are forthcoming. 

ADA Compliance Plus Realtors and Brokers 

Title III of the American with Disabilities Act aims that every establishment gives time to provide the right accessibility to disabled persons. Real estate companies should be among those at the forefront of web accessibility since people with disabilities have specific considerations or needs. Many depend on the services of companies like ADA Compliance Pros to help them be situated in the right place and in the right accommodation.Because of this, real estate companies should see this as critical to be able to provide service to these needs. Putting equal importance on this means including everyone in your local market which is a plus. 

Your Website Is Free From Lawsuits. By doing everything to implement ADA compliance in every real estate agent or broker’s website, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) is helping their people avoid any sanction in case you are CASp inspections are at hand. By making sure that your web accessibility is clear, it means you care enough about what every human being might need. The law requires this not just for moral reasons. Your website must be accessible to the public. Disabled adults together with their representatives use this law to ask real estate companies to be committed to 100% web accessibility or pay $55,000 just for the first violation. 

NAR warns all those who are involved since real estate is being targeted nowadays by several parties for financial gain. Some realtors are being served letters for violating several laws connected to compliance. The state of Arizona had experienced being bombarded with several ADA lawsuits because of alleged website access violations. Also, working on your website accessibility for people with a disability can be advantageous for your revenue. You’re looking at meeting the needs of working adults with disabilities amounting to $490B. Setting up your website to be user-friendly can open up new chances of expanding your business. 

Working on the Technicalities of Your Website Will Market Your Business Better. To get to the level where you are 100% ADA compliant, there are specific standards your website needs to adhere to. Accessibility checkers can help you validate your website functionality. There are advanced tools that can test your website if this passes the crucial accessibility standards. They can tell if your website passes or fails compliance. Once completed, you can also get assistance all throughout the remediation. Remediation is where it gets a bit challenging but just be patient.This is where each element needs to be intricately assessed and come up with necessary changes to meet the standards. All for the inclusivity of everyone, most especially your clients with disabilities looking to sell, buy, or lease their properties. It may take weeks or even months, but coming up with the right website full of rich and helpful contents will definitely win you the price in the end. 

For instance, real estate companies have hundreds of listings in their website. Making sure that the website is accessible and clients can see what they’re looking for without going through a maze gives a pleasant experience for the user and this takes efforts to perform it conventionally. That or use an artificial intelligence (AI) to process the remediation more automatically. It’s all the same processes but AI scans and makes the essential remediation within 48 hours. Your website can be prepared to full ADA compliance without waiting long.

Why Do You Need to Make Sure Your Website is Compliant? It’s good for your real estate business. There are approximately 57 million disabled people in the US alone. That’s saying 19% of the whole population. And around 8 million are sight impaired and will login to your website to get the listings they need and if your site is not easy to navigate, you can’t trust they will stay long. They will look for another website that has taught these needs. 

Check If Your Website for Compliance Within Minutes

ADA Compliance Pros is committed to work with everyone that works with customer service. This only means that our certified professionals are topnotch at identifying possible risks and working on cost effective resolutions for your website to meet ADA compliance requirements. CASp inspections are necessary for all accessibility points from parking requirements, restroom or even door requirements. Not to mention ADA Compliant sites. 

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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