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How Can I Make Free Money — 4 Easy Ways To Earn In The Time Of Inflation

By Jamie Richardson | September 25, 2022

Nowadays, everybody needs more money than they’re currently earning. Thanks to the peaks in inflation rates, the rising cost of living, and high energy prices, it became increasingly complex for people to make ends meet. In August 2022, the U.S. faced the highest increase in electricity price since 1981 — a rise of 15.8%. 

The worst news is that such a trend is prevalent worldwide. For example, the U.K. measures Consumer Price Inflation annually, which increased to 8.8% in July 2022, with the most significant contributions coming from housing and household services such as electricity, gas, transport, and food. Many people are taking up side hustles and earning extra money to survive such conditions. While working a full-time job takes most people’s time, there are ways to make cash without putting in much effort. Here are the four best ways to earn free money!

Passive Income Apps

Passive income apps have shaken up the technology world. In the past few years, they have become popular among tech enthusiasts and people wanting to make money without a fuss. That’s why companies like Honeygain came about — they introduced a free Internet-sharing, also known as proxyware, app that pays users depending on the amount of traffic they share with the Honeygain network.

You can earn up to $90 per month when using Honeygain. Every 10GB you share is worth 3,000 Honeygain credits, equal to $3. There are several ways to boost your earnings — turn on special features, participate in their weekly contests that you can find on social media, and refer friends. Thanks to Honeygain’s referral program, you’ll get a forever bonus of 10%, equal to your referral’s daily earnings! Also, Honeygain encrypts your bandwidth, so making money with this app is safe, fast, and effortless.

Online Surveys

Answering online surveys is the perfect way to make money for people who don’t want long-term commitments. Companies are continuously looking for customer feedback and are willing to pay for it! If you research your favorite brands, you might find incredible deals — take a 5-minute survey on the lotion you use and get anywhere from $0.50 to $1. 

While it might be pennies, consider what activities you do when taking your bus to work. Are you listening to music? Then scroll through a few surveys and get money to cover your commute costs! You only need your phone to complete the questionnaires, so try it out.


Do you know any neighbors who plan to go on vacation? You can offer to watch over their home, so nothing bad happens! You’ll get paid for sitting around at other people’s houses. You can even provide additional services like watering the plants or looking after pets for extra money! It’s a perfect way to make free money for someone with a flexible schedule or who works remotely. 

Imagine this — you get on a Zoom call with your colleagues while sitting in a new house every other week. The best part is that you’ll get paid for doing your regular job and this side hustle! It can be fun to spice up your routine and check out new interior designs while making money. 

Cashback Programs

You might have heard about their loyalty programs if you often shop at the same stores. You ought to sign up for them as it can save you a couple of hundred bucks every year! Instead of leaving so much money at the hands of large corporations, put it in your pocket.

You can get some of the money you spent purchasing items back and transferred to your loyalty account. It’s easy to make free money while grocery shopping and buying clothes or gifts for your loved ones. Use these loyalty programs to your advantage! Check out your favorite store’s programs, as different companies offer various perks — gift cards, lotteries, discounts, and cash.

Diversifying your income streams and achieving financial stability in these uncertain times is increasingly popular. Whether it’s a small project like taking online surveys or a more serious one like housesitting, using passive income apps like Honeygain, you should be able to make free money to help with your daily expenses. There’s no need to cut back on spending on necessities — look for ways to make more money!

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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