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How Modern Outdoor Lighting Can Boost Your Home Value

By Jamie Richardson | May 24, 2022

Outdoor lighting is believed to be one of the most vital features of a property. It may comprise of several components like halogen and induction floodlights, bullet spotlights, recessed lamps, and spotlights. Some property owners in the United States even install lights to illuminate their walkways and gardens for various reasons. Others even position light orbs and torches around trees, maximizing the lighting of every outdoor area they have.

Alley illuminated by the garden lamps in the night

Collectively, the lighting features mentioned above can significantly boost a home’s value. Suppose you're planning to sell your house in the future. In that case, you may need to consider installing outdoor lamps and spotlights to look forward to a higher resell price. Hiring outdoor lighting pros is said to be a sure route for a quick and suitable lighting installation.

If you're in a state like Oregon, you may consider looking for these outdoor lighting installation experts, like Oregon Outdoor Lighting and others, to address your outdoor lighting needs. Continue reading to learn more about how outdoor lighting can add value to your living space. 

  1. Improves Your Home's Curb Appeal

Outdoor lighting makes the most of your curb appeal. It provides appropriate illumination that highlights the lawn, fences, pavement, and other architectural features present within your property line. In addition, it could offer a brand-new look to the different parts and angles of the curb. 

To thoroughly boost curb appeal, you may also need to choose the outdoor lighting based on the outdoor setup and theme. If you want to brighten up a vast outdoor space, consider installing ambient halogen lighting. This can include general lighting yet it can come with dimmable functions. This way, you could adjust the brightness of the area with ease. 

Ambient lighting may also have two or more layers of lighting for better light softening and diffusion. You may consider trying path lights, wall-mounted fixtures, and canopy lighting for this lighting.

You could try task lighting if you want to focus on a particular area, such as a patio or backyard space. This may provide a brighter beam on the tables and chairs while having dimmer light on the surroundings. For this purpose, you may ask a licensed professional to safely install direction gimbal-recessed features or downlights.

You may try accent light if you want small spaces to appear more prominent as well. This lighting highlights the available walls and areas to make it appear virtually bigger. For this purpose, you may wall-mounted lights, recessed lamps, and tape and extrusion. Plus, you may install large lamps to produce silhouettes of trees and extensive yard features to add depth and interest.

  1. Enhances The Outdoors’ Layout

Aside from the decorative features of lights, they can also improve your outdoors by placing them strategically in key and planned spots that fall within the boundaries of your property. You may install wall-mounted lamps beside the driveway, garage, and pavement so you can guide cars and people's track and movement.

Outdoor lighting may also create an attractive pattern in your landscaping. Consider installing festoon lights into shaded beams and outdoor awnings for the best results. To boot, you can place underwater lights if you have existing ponds and water features on your property.

  1. Adds More Visibility

Primarily, lights are installed to illuminate spaces. Without them, it may be challenging to move around during the nighttime. In the outdoor section of your property, the challenge may be twice as difficult, especially at night. Fortunately, you may install various lights to increase visibility within your outdoor area and around your property perimeter.

Because of this, you'll be safe from accidentally tripping or bumping into trees and fixtures you’re not able to see when lights aren't present. You may avoid falls or injuries resulting from unforeseen trips and falls to sharp and protruding objects.

Also, outdoor lights can also guide you as you maneuver your car throughout the driveway. In illuminating your outdoor spaces, you may consider the type of your lights based on their brightness and effects.

  1. Promotes Residential Safety And Security

Proper outdoor lighting enhances your property's safety and security by illuminating most parts of your outdoor spaces. 

With appropriate lighting, wrongdoers will have second thoughts about trying to break in because of the increased visibility. It also reinforces the security features of closed-circuit television (CCTV) as it makes the images and security footage more visible.

Further, some outdoor lights with timers automatically turn on when set at a particular time. Because of this, homeowners or passersby may notice wrongdoers who attempt to illegally enter the property. Some outdoor lights also function when they detect movement or thermal presence, preventing trespassers from unwanted entry. 

Consequently, household heads could save more money as they may not need to pay for security personnel to guard the property against potential crimes. For better lighting for security purposes, you may choose to install sheltered and covered lights to prevent wrongdoers from manipulating them. These features can attract possible home buyers and even increase the property's selling value.

  1. Introduces Your Home To More Smart Technology

Today, smart homes are said to sell like smoking hot pancakes in the real estate market. And modern outdoor lighting is one way to make your home more appropriate for smart technology. You may choose hands-free and thermal lights that turn on through voice commands and thermal presence. Furthermore, some lighting features connect with centralized software, so you can control them even if you're not at home.

If you're new to smart technology, you may start with lighting with a bit of smart tech integration, such as controls. After some time, you can try more complex features, including a standards-based wireless sensor network. You may also advance to Internet of Things (IoT)-based smart lighting features you may get the hang of after seasons of continuous usage.

  1. Enables Residents To Use Outdoor Space At Night

Having a well-lit outdoor space could make your porches, lawn, and backyard highly usable at night. Because of this, you could carry out a variety of fun and interactive activities any time of the day. If you wish to relax, you may just need to adjust the brightness or activate the dimmer for a more relaxing mood. You may walk in the pathways with light-emitting diode (LED) lampposts or sit beside the lawn with recessed lights.

You may also let your kids and friends enjoy their activities even on the deepest of nights. You may consider holding outdoor movie nights, pool parties, and backyard camping. You could also enjoy barbecue grills or simple yet memorable beer parties just by turning on some track lights.

Besides, you may enjoy walking on the pavement or lying on the lawn stargazing with dimming lights around. Having a more usable outdoor space could make a property more saleable.

  1. Complements Exterior Facilities

Whether you already have a garden shed near your home or you're still planning to get an aluminum pergola kit, you need top-quality outdoor lighting to balance these features perfectly. Proper lighting could make your outdoor structures more visible and more appealing at the same time. Accessing buildings, such as garages and decks, has also become easier.

What’s more, you may check drainage, sidings, and other exterior portions of your house more manageably because of the outdoor lighting. If you plan to attend to your plants in your garden area or fix a minor issue in your lawn, you may use the lighting as a guide throughout your task or repair.

  1. Adds Coziness And Warmth To The Property

Generally, outdoor lighting can make your property cozier and warmer. In many cases, you may opt for white or natural light if you prefer an ordinary appearance. If you're considering making the exterior more unique, you may think about using yellowish light. This type provides a more comforting atmosphere than the others.

If you need a more energized mood, you may consider blue-cast lamps or red lights. Varying multiple lights on your walls and pathways could also offer a new atmosphere. You may think about installing low-lying lighting in the driveway to illuminate the pavement freshly too. You may also use bigger lighting for wider spaces and minor ones for smaller areas. 

For better coziness and warmth, you may consider the season. Winter may need brighter and more consistent lighting as the snow could cause more shadow and darkness. On the other hand, spring and summer could prompt you to install lights with dimmers.

Wrapping Up

Modern outdoor lighting is a necessary feature of your house if you're looking to boost your home value. If you're still torn between installing these lighting features or not, you may consider reading this feature and becoming familiar with how contemporary outdoor lighting increases a property's value.

The points mentioned above will help you understand the aspects outdoor lighting may improve to enhance home value. You may also get ideas on what particular lighting you should install to make this happen. Additionally, you may identify the spaces where you'll place your lamps to make the most of the process.

Apart from this post, you may consider reading other lifestyle and home improvement blogs for more insights. Also, you may ask seasoned lighting installers about the best lamps in the market today that could double your property's value.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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