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How Powerful is Your Online Presence?

By Meghan Zuvelek | September 4, 2017

If you’ve been spending a lot of time marketing your real estate business online but not sure if it’s having an impact use these free tools to find out.

How many online leads has your real estate business generated this year? It you’re like most agents, you probably don’t have a clear answer to this question. Having an accurate picture of the effectiveness of your online efforts is important so your time and money isn’t wasted on actions that don’t provide an ROI. But as a busy real estate agent it’s not always easy to stay on top of these details, and often online efforts take a back seat to listings, showings and prospecting. Getting a strong picture of how powerful your online presence is doesn’t have to be all consuming. These four free tools make checking your status easy, enabling you to make informed decisions about your real estate business. Once a month assess your online performance, and use these insights to further strengthen your online marketing efforts.

Google Analytics
It will pay to spend a bit of time getting to know the Google Analytics interface. Quickly and easily you’ll see important information such as number of website visitors, pages with most views, how long people are staying on your site, where they are coming from, and what city or town they live in. Think this information would be helpful in reaching potential clients? You bet it would. Google Analytics can tell you how many people have landed on your website from Facebook, and of those people how many have performed a desired action such as sign up for a newsletter or submit a form for a free market evaluation. Google Analytics is the portal for understanding more about the people visiting your website.

Website Grader
You’ve probably heard about the importance of SEO and having a website that is mobile-friendly. In under a minute, Website Grader will be able to summarize your website’s performance in terms of overall performance, SEO, responsiveness, and security. Knowing this will alert you if there are issues with your site that could be affecting your search engine ranking, the functionality of your site and potentials threats to the safety and security of your site. Website Grader is completely free and is as easy as entering in your URL.

To see how effective your social media presence is you can find out your Klout score. This website assesses all of your social media profiles and allocates you a score out of 100, the higher the score, the more online klout you have. Find out what your areas of expertise and influence are, and where you can up your social media game to become more powerful.

Google Search Console
Designed for web developers, but also super handy for the average business owner, Google Search Console gives you more information about your website’s performance than you could ever need or want. One excellent tool is the ability to find out how your website performs on specific keywords. Enter in your website domain and find out where you rank for all keywords related to your real estate business. You may be surprised at some keywords that generate your site a lot of traffic, while others are buried below the 10 page mark. Also find out how competitive each keyword is, and the price you would pay per click if using Google Adwords. This is great for identifying opportunities, and knowing where improvement should take place.

There is so much opportunity to grow your real estate business online and having a clear digital strategy is important to guide you towards your goals. Understand where you sit on the spectrum of success by using these four free tools, and create a clear picture of where you are, enabling you to make a plan about where you want to go.

Meghan is a real estate agent from British Columbia Canada, digital marketing specialist, and founder of REALMM an online marketing portal helping Realtors® leverage online marketing to create more time, money and freedom in their businesses.
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