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How to Choose The Best Stain Color For Your Hardwood Floors

By Guest Author | June 27, 2018

A beautiful wood flooring brings delight. The rich luster of wood accents comprises an important element in interior decorating plans and they are certainly a hit in most Floor Sales centers. Use these helpful tips as you develop a harmonious design scheme for staining these surfaces.

Tip #1: Let the Condition of the Flooring Influence Your Decision
Will you select a clear or light, glossy stain to emphasize the natural colors and undertones of the wood? Or do you choose to significantly modify a room's ambiance with a vivid, striking shade? Maybe your priority is a hardwood flooring option that is durable.

Whatever your preferences, you'll discover an exciting array of colors available on the marketplace today! The decision to pick a hardwood floor stain significantly impacts the home's overall appearance.

Many property owners allow the condition of the wood to govern their decision-making about this issue. If you've acquired a residence with previously damaged or badly scratched or stained hardwood flooring, for example, you may prefer a strongly colored shade to de-emphasize small irregularities on the surface.

On the other hand, richly grained and patterned hardwoods in good condition frequently benefit from lighter staining (or even clear coatings). Some available products highlight the unique designs of fine wood grains to great advantage.

Tip #2: Plan Your Project With Care
The decision to apply one of these products irrevocably changes flooring. While some decorating actions enjoy easy "fixes" in the event of mistakes, correcting hardwood floor staining misjudgments proves considerably more difficult. The stain will soak into the wood fibers permanently. These coatings indelibly change your home's hardwoods.

It often helps to take a digital photo of the floor and utilize it in conjunction with popular home decorating programs designed to help you visualize the final appearance of a finished room. You'll discover a variety of online resources for locating these useful software applications. Sharing computerized projections with family members and friends might help you select the perfect stain for your home's hardwood floors!

Tip #3: Test Before Use
Most manufacturers strongly recommend testing a stain on a tiny section of the home's floor. Particularly if you plan on refurbishing a vintage floor, this measure offers value. You'll know with assurance whether or not the final color suits your décor goals.

Tip #4: Follow Site Preparation Instructions
Before applying a new floor stain to hardwood, you'll want to consult the product label. Read the fine print carefully. Sometimes experienced home improvement enthusiasts tend to rush through this step. However, you'll want to adhere to it faithfully in order to apply a new stain color to your home's flooring successfully.

Remember, different hardwood stain formulations contain variable constituents. For example, you'll need to perform careful preparation before applying a stain coating to a previously treated wood floor. Have your hardwood floors ever undergone a wax application?

The directions on your staining product will likely require you to strip off any remnants of this outer wax coating in order to apply a new stain color effectively. If the floor only received a surface stain application previously, and not a wax coating (the most common situation in the case of modern homes), you'll typically enjoy much easier site preparation.

Pay close attention to the instructions. If in doubt, call the manufacturer for specific directions on how to address the site preparation issue because this process makes a HUGE difference in the final color of the floor.

Finally, Celebrate Magnificent Hardwood Flooring!
Well-stained hardwood floors showcase lovely homes to full advantage. Start decorating and choose the best furniture to accent your new wood floors -- It will enhance your daily life!

Bruce MacDonald leads the team at MacDonald Hardwoods, a hardwood flooring store in Denver, Colorado. For over three decades they have serviced Colorado with flooring installation and conducting educational classes to help customers take care of their floors.

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