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How To Clean Your House Like A Pro Before Selling

By Michelle Gibson | January 8, 2023

Are you getting ready to deep clean your home to prepare it for sale and help restore order in your home? If so, this post is for you! Here, you'll find a list of 9 steps that will help you get a thorough deep clean. From tackling the toughest messes to organizing your space, deep cleaning can help you create a more enjoyable environment for yourself, your family, and potential home buyers. With the right tools and a little bit of effort, you can have your home looking and feeling its best in no time. Read on to learn more about the steps you need to take to get a deep clean before listing it for sale with our helpful how to clean your house like a pro guide!

How To Clean Your House Like A Pro Before Selling

How to Clean Your Home Like a Pro in 9 Steps

1. Remove All Clutter

When it comes to house cleaning, it is essential to remove all clutter from your home. This will not only help to create a more pleasant living environment, but it will also make it easier to complete the other tasks on your house cleaning checklist. Removing any excess items or junk that has been collected in your home can not only free up space but can also help to reduce stress and improve productivity. Taking the time to declutter your home is an important part of any house cleaning routine.

2. Wash Walls & Floors

When preparing to sell a home, it is important to clean the walls and floors as part of the overall presentation of the house. Washing the walls with a mixture of soap and water and scrubbing any scuff marks can make them look brighter and more attractive to buyers. Floors should be swept and mopped, paying special attention to the corners and edges. Vacuuming carpets can also help to give them a refreshed look. Taking this extra step in the home selling process can go a long way in making a good first impression on potential buyers.

3. Vacuum Carpet & Furniture

Vacuuming carpet and furniture throughout your home is part of the deep cleaning process. However, prior to showings, it is important to vacuum floors to ensure your home looks its best. Vacuuming will help remove dust, pet hair, and other debris that may detract from the overall appearance of the house. Doing this simple task can make a big difference in how potential buyers view the property and can help increase the chances of making a sale.

4. Clean Windows & Mirrors

Before listing your home for sale, you should make sure to clean all windows and mirrors to maximize your home's curb appeal. This will ensure that the home looks as bright and inviting as possible. Furthermore, it will help make things crisp and clean. While cleaning windows inside and out can be a rather large task, it's only something you will hopefully have to do once. Cleaning mirrors on the other hand is an easy task that should be done regularly especially in the bathrooms.

5. Deep Clean Appliances

Deep cleaning appliances can make an enormous difference. Potential buyers want to see that the home has been well taken care of and that the appliances are in good condition. Cleaning out the refrigerator and oven, including scrubbing the racks and shelves, will ensure that everything looks as good as new. Additionally, wiping down the exteriors of all appliances can brighten up a kitchen or laundry room and make it more inviting. Taking the extra time to deep clean appliances is an important step in deep cleaning your home and preparing to put it on market.

6. Manicured Landscaping

Mowing the lawn and trimming bushes are essential tasks for anyone looking to put their home on the market. It is important to give potential buyers the best first impression of the property and manicured lawns and bushes can help do that. However, prior to doing so you should check with your local municipality to ensure you are compliant with any local regulations regarding your home's exterior appearance. Taking the time to mow the lawn and trim bushes, or hiring someone to do so, can be a great investment when it comes time to sell a home.

7. Tidy Up the Exterior

When selling a home, one of the most important steps is to make sure the exterior is well-kept. This includes pressure washing the siding, weeding and cleaning up the yard, and trimming any shrubs or trees that may be overgrown. Potential buyers will want to be able to envision themselves living in the house, and having an unkempt exterior can detract from that vision. Paying attention to these details can also increase curb appeal which can help attract more potential buyers.

8. Taking Care of Pet Messes Outside (or Inside)

Nobody likes to see or smell pet messes, even those who have pets, so it is important to take care of any pet messes outside in order to make a good first impression. Before showings, walk the yard and inspect for any pet waste that may have been left behind. If necessary, invest in odor-reducing products that can help keep the yard free of pet odors. Furthermore, if your pet has been known to dig in the yard, cover up any visible holes with soil or grass. Taking care of any pet messes outside will help make your home more desirable to prospective buyers.

9. Clean the Garage

Oftentimes, garages become the dumping ground for most people especially those who lack storage. So if you have a garage that isn't "show ready" you'll want to deep clean it just like the interior because it is an extension of your home. If your garage is jam-packed full of stuff you may want to consider renting a storage unit if they're items you plan on keeping. However, if you don't plan on keeping the items in your garage you can sell or donate these items.

Final Thoughts

This deep cleaning checklist will help you get started on your deep cleaning project! It is important to make sure your house looks its best so potential buyers can envision themselves living there. Make sure to declutter and deep clean your space from top to bottom and inside and out.

In addition to deep cleaning your home, you'll also want to make any necessary repairs to ensure that all electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems are in working order. Taking the time to prepare your home for showings can help make it more attractive to potential buyers and increase the chances of a successful sale.

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How to Clean Your House Like a Pro Before Selling

Michelle Gibson is a top Realtor who has been specializing in residential real estate throughout Wellington Florida since 2001. She enjoys sharing her real estate experiences with buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants through her writing.
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