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How to Develop a real estate strategy with the use of Pinterest

By RealtyBiz News | September 5, 2023

Pinterest is an image-driven platform that inspires users and promotes creativity. With its visual appeal and extensive reach, Pinterest can be an effective tool for real estate professionals looking to showcase properties, highlight interior design ideas, and generate interest in specific neighborhoods or types of properties. Here's how you can develop a real estate strategy using Pinterest:

Set Clear Objectives

  • Increase property views.
    • Drive traffic to your website.
    • Build a community around your brand.
    • Showcase the lifestyle associated with your properties.

Create a Business Account:

  • Ensure you have a business account to access analytics and advertise on the platform.
    • Complete your profile with a professional photo, description, and link to your website.

Organize Boards Strategically:

  • Properties for Sale: Showcase current listings.
    • Sold Properties: Builds trust by showing successful sales.
    • Home Decor Ideas: Potential homebuyers often seek inspiration for decorating.
    • Local Attractions: Highlight the appeal of the neighborhoods where you have listings.
    • Home Maintenance Tips: Useful for both potential buyers and homeowners.

High-Quality Images:

  • Always use high-resolution, professional photos.
    • Vertical pins are more prominent on Pinterest feeds.
    • Consider creating collages for properties, showing off multiple angles or features in one pin.

Detailed Descriptions:

  • Use keywords potential buyers might be searching for.
    • Include property details, neighborhood attributes, and selling points.
    • Incorporate calls to action, like "Click to see the full listing on our website!"

Use Pinterest Analytics:

  • Monitor pin performance.
    • Identify which types of content resonate most with your audience.
    • Adjust your strategy based on data-driven insights.

Engage with the Pinterest Community:

  • Repin relevant content from others in the real estate industry.
    • Comment on pins related to your niche.
    • Collaborate with home decor bloggers, local businesses, or other real estate professionals for joint boards or guest pinning.

Rich Pins:

  • Enable rich pins for your account. These provide more information directly on the pin, such as real-time price updates or availability, making them ideal for real estate listings.

Use Video Pins:

  • Post virtual tours or walkthroughs of properties.
    • Highlight neighborhood features or events.

Promote Your Pins:

  • Use Pinterest's advertising platform to boost specific pins, targeting them to a relevant audience based on demographics, interests, or search behavior.

Stay Updated:

  • Pinterest, like all social platforms, evolves. Stay updated with new features or changes to the platform.

Consistency is Key:

  • Regular pinning increases your visibility. Schedule pins or use tools like Tailwind to automate the posting process.

Collaborate with Local Businesses:

  • Partner with local restaurants, shops, or attractions to cross-promote. This not only increases your pins' visibility but also enhances the community and lifestyle feel of your content.

Engage in Pinterest SEO:

  • Just like Google, Pinterest is a search engine. Research keywords using Pinterest's search suggest feature. Incorporate these keywords in your pin titles, descriptions, and even board names.

Engage with Users:

  • If someone comments on your pin or asks a question, make sure to reply. Building relationships on Pinterest can lead to direct messages and potential sales inquiries.

By combining captivating visuals with strategic content, Pinterest can be a powerful tool in a real estate professional's marketing arsenal. Remember to evaluate the performance of your pins and boards periodically and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Optimizing your real estate images on Pinterest

Optimizing your real estate images for Pinterest can make a significant difference in attracting potential buyers and driving traffic to your listings. Here are steps and tips to effectively optimize your real estate images on Pinterest:

High-Quality Images:

  • Always use professional, high-resolution photos. This not only elevates the property's perception but also encourages repins.

Vertical Photos:

  • Pinterest's format favors vertical images. Aim for a 2:3 ratio (e.g., 1000x1500 pixels). If your property photos are horizontal, consider creating vertical collages.

Watermark Your Images:

  • Protect your images and also increase brand recognition by adding a subtle watermark with your company logo or website URL.

Use Light and Bright Images:

  • Bright images with natural light tend to perform better on Pinterest. Ensure rooms are well-lit, either with natural light or additional lighting.

Add Descriptive Text Overlays:

  • Consider adding short descriptions or catchy headlines on top of your images, like "Dream Home in Miami" or "Beachfront Luxury." Use tools like Canva to create these overlays.

Optimize Descriptions:

  • Use detailed and keyword-rich descriptions for each pin. Think about what potential buyers might search for, like "3-bedroom home in Austin" or "modern kitchen design."

Include Call-to-Action (CTA):

  • Encourage users to take the next step. Examples include: "Click to view the full listing," "Contact us for a showing," or "See more homes like this."

Use Rich Pins:

  • Enable property rich pins. This allows you to display additional information about the property directly from your website, such as price or location.

Create Multiple Pins for One Property:

  • Showcase different features or rooms of a property in multiple pins. This increases the chances of users coming across your listing.

Optimize Board Names and Descriptions:

  • Create boards specific to real estate topics, like "Luxury Homes in LA" or "DIY Home Decor Ideas." Use keywords in both the board names and their descriptions.

Engage in Pinterest SEO:

  • Similar to search engines, Pinterest uses an algorithm based on keywords. Include relevant keywords in the pin title, description, and even the image file name.

Include Location in Pins:

  • Potential buyers often search based on location. Include location-specific keywords in your pins.

Consistent Branding:

  • Keep a consistent style or filter for all your images. This will make your pins recognizable and help establish your brand identity on the platform.

Engage with Comments:

  • When someone comments or asks a question on your pin, reply promptly. This not only builds relationships but also boosts the pin's visibility.

Check Analytics:

  • Use Pinterest's built-in analytics to see which images are performing best. This can guide you on what type of content to pin in the future.

By optimizing your real estate images for Pinterest, you enhance the appeal of your properties, engage more effectively with potential buyers, and increase the chances of driving meaningful traffic to your listings.

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