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How to Find New Commercial Clients In Business Portals

By Jamie Richardson | April 17, 2018

As a realtor, you're always looking for new clients. This applies to not only residential clients, but commercial real estate ones as well. Chances are there are plenty of buildings in your area in which a business could locate itself, and you want them to be one of your clients. But how do you go about finding them? What's the best way to not only find clients who want to move into your area, but to work with the ones who are currently in the area? Here are a few suggestions.

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Study Your Area
The first thing you'll want to do is study your area. What sort of businesses are popular in your area? What kind of buildings are available? The more you can learn about the area you want to work in, the better off you'll be going forward. You want to not only know about all of the buildings in your area, and the types of businesses they can hold, but about the businesses that are already there.

Finding Business Portals
Once you know everything you can about the area, the next thing to do is starting finding clients. To do this, you're going to want to connect with different business portals. Think of a business portal as a directory for different types of business. Through these portals you can connect with different groups, and start finding yourself some new commercial clients. There are two main portals you can look for:

Local Area Portals – Many places have portals for businesses in the area. It's a place where local businesses can connect with one another, or find resources regarding the area. This could be a local Chamber of Commerce, or a website dedicated to local business owners. These are great portals to get in touch with or join, because they contain a lot of potential clients.

Niche Specific Portals – The next type of portal you want to look for are ones who are niche specific. For example, you may find a portal that is specifically for restaurant owners, or one that is for start-up tech companies. Look for niche-specific portals based on what sorts of businesses are popular in your area. For instance if your area has a lot of small offices available, you could find a portal that is just for start-ups.

If you're not sure of how to find these business portals, consider asking some of your past clients. They may have some suggestions on portals they like to use, and can point you in the right direction. Besides that, there are plenty of websites online dedicated towards different business niches, and you should be able to find some good portals. Local portals are a little harder to find online, but try looking for Facebook or LinkedIn groups to get you started.

Work With Brokers
Another great way to find new commercial clients is through brokers. Brokers help match up people who want to sell their business with people who want to sell their business. For example, US Dental Transitions is a dental practice broker which helps people who either want to buy or sell a dental practice. These brokers will have plenty of information about who is looking to sell a building, or who is looking to move in. Look for commercial brokers in your local area and see if you can form any connections.

Create Your Pitch
Once you've gathered plenty of information, and you've started forming some connections, now it's time to start working on your pitch. Use the information you've gathered about your area and use it when talking to potential clients. Why would their business be a good fit for your area? What type of building can you set them up with? Commercial businesses likely have some options to consider, so you want yours to stand out from the bunch. This is why researching your area, and connecting with as many businesses in your area is so important.

Use Business Portals To Your Advantage
Business portals are a great place for businesses owners to find helpful resources. But they don't have to be useful to only business owners. You can use these places to help you find new clients, and to help you learn more about your area. The key is finding the right portals, and knowing enough about your area to provide some value to the other members. Hopefully this guide was able to give you some insight into the value of business portals, and you'll be well on your way towards using them to help you find some more commercial clients.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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