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How To Know If That Home For Sale In CA Marina is Right For You

By Jamie Richardson | January 6, 2020

When buying a new home in CA Marina, it’s normal to be careful and cautious. Buying real estate is a big deal and shouldn’t be taken lightly. How can you even know if that home you’ve seen is the right home for you?

Well, here are some signs that you have found a real home for you:

You Want To Be There

Looking at homes is always fun because every home seems as if it can be the one for you. However, when you find your perfect home in California Marina, you’ll want to be there all the time.

It might start from the moment you first see it. There will be something interesting about it that you just won’t be able to resist.

The House Seems Welcoming

Most people have excellent gut feelings, and even Investopedia claims here that you shouldn’t underestimate them. And yours might send you a red flag the moment you walk into a house and that house sends off a bad vibe. However, if the house seems warm and welcoming, like a good friend you meet after a long time, then it might just be the right house.

If a house feels like home the moment you enter it, then it’s likely the right home for you.

Bathroom Isn’t Weird

Realtors often notice that buyers aren’t that open to exploring bathrooms - and that they usually don’t buy the house when they didn’t feel comfortable entering a bathroom. And in all honesty, bathrooms are weird.

But if you want to go in and see what it all looks like - open the shower curtains, see yourself in that mirror, touch the tiles - then you might just be comfortable in that house enough to buy it.

You’re Willing To Ignore Some Things

A great realtor will always be honest with you and tell you if there’s a problem or two in the house you’re looking at. And you might agree with them, but you will defend the house anyway. You’ll feel so attached that you would be willing to overlook some of the faults of the home because it feels so right to be in there.

While this is a good sign that you like the house, you should still consider the flaws and how much effort it will take for you to actually fix them. Bob Villa recommends some house-hunting ideas here:

You Imagine How You’ll Organize Everything

If you walk into a home and you immediately start seeing your furniture everywhere and you start organizing it and designing the interior, then this house may be the right one for you. You can just see where everything will go and how you’ll decorate for Christmas.

Maybe you see yourself cooking in that kitchen, or you just know your friends would enjoy sitting in that living room. Maybe you’ll see some people around, neighbors that you’d like to know and meet.

The house might not even have everything that’s on your list, but you can just see yourself in there. You can imagine your kids playing on the floor or having a big lunch on Sunday. It just all fits.

Being ready to be flexible is a good sign that you found the right home for you.

You Don’t Want To See More Homes

You’ll notice that finding the right home for you creates similar feelings to finding the right person for you. And this is just one of them.

You may want to stop looking at other homes for sale in Marina CA completely. All of the other homes you’ve seen will be boring and dull in comparison to the one you really like.

You Want To Tell People About It

You’ve taken so many pictures of the house and you just can’t wait to show them to your mom, and friend, and coworker? This is a good sign that you have found a great house for you.

People don’t want to tell people about homes they hated - maybe just to complain - and they definitely forget about the homes that they merely liked. But when you find the right house for you, you’ll just want to tell everyone and their brother about it.

You Can’t Wait To Go Back

If you are already planning your next visit to the home before you even properly left the driveway, then this might be the home for you. You want to take people with you, show them all of it and see it at different times of the day.

At this point, you should probably make arrangements to send an offer for that house.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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