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How to Launch and Market Your Real Estate Website

By Guest Author | October 16, 2018

The success of your real estate website heavily depends on how invested you are in expanding your reach and developing good content. After all, building and promoting your online presence will also help build and maintain a solid client base.

In fact, the National Association of Realtors conducted a study revealing that around 90% of buyers look for houses online before they seek the help of real estate agents and visit open houses. If you aren’t active online, your clients might not even become aware that your business exists.

website visitors

So how do you know if you’re building a remarkable online presence? You may ask yourself these questions:

Do you post content regularly?
Do you use social media platforms to advertise?
Does your website generate enough traffic?
Do you target the right audience?
Does your website feature a lot of visuals and relevant videos?

If your answer to all these questions is yes, then you’re doing just fine. But doing “just fine” is not good enough when it comes to marketing your website, so we made a short to-do list to help you launch and market your real estate website effectively.

Optimize your online content

To ensure that your website is generating as much traffic as it can, promote it through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Use relevant keywords to improve your rankings on search engines.

Link your website to other credible websites and blog about your content.
Keep in mind that Internet users have a general tendency to only view the websites listed on the first page of the search results as they deem them most relevant. This inclination should drive you to explore the potentials of SEO even more.

Promote your website on social media
Social media forms a powerful marketing pillar today. We could even go to the extent of saying that social media may be the backbone of online marketing, if used effectively.

Make sure your social media followers become curious enough to visit your website by doing the following:

Supplement your content with images and illustrations that will help get your point across.
You may even create video tours of the listed properties and post them on your website for more engaging content.
Make sure that you cross-post your website content on Facebook, Twitter, and other relevant social media sites.
Remember that good content will draw people to your website, and it can turn random viewers of your social media pages into regular website visitors.

Build client trust
Ask your previous clients to give testimonials about their working experience with you. This is very important as it will help build trust and confidence among potential clients. Testimonials that detail the good working relationship you’ve had with previous clients will give others the confidence that doing business with you will be seamless and successful.

It will also work to your advantage if you could supplement the testimonials with some information about your real estate agents. Blog about their expertise and offer some free real estate advice to your website visitors. Show them that your agents know what they’re doing and that they are the best in the field. This way, the clients will be assured that they’re in good hands.

Develop a real estate directory
A real estate directory is a feature that allows the viewers to search for their ideal property faster and more effectively. To optimize the use of the search tab, make sure that you take the following into consideration to help the viewers visualize the location of the property:
Identify location landmarks
Provide neighborhood descriptions
Include a map in the search results

The property search feature will appeal not only to the brokers and real estate agents, but most importantly, to potential clientele.
To better understand how real estate directories work, you have to be familiar with Multi Listing Service (MLS) and Internet Data Exchange (IDX).

MLS is the consolidation of all regional databases of real estate listings. However, only agents and brokers who are members of the MLS database can access its features. This limits the reach and exposure of the properties to only a selected group of individuals, thereby neglecting the valuable potential clients who view the website to search for properties.

IDX is a valuable system that was introduced to widen the reach and exposure of property listings. With IDX, registered agents can share the properties listed on the MLS website with a wider and more varied set of viewers through their own real estate websites.

Remarket your content to past visitors
Set up your remarketing campaign and convince past site visitors to come back by using keywords and visual ads. Remarketing is focused on reengaging past website viewers and potential clients.

Think about the last time you saw an ad from a site you had just visited. That is precisely how online remarketing works. These strategies are directed toward convincing past website viewers to take a second look at your site, especially those who “bounced” or decided to leave without browsing past your entry page. This scheme is one of the most effective ways of recycling website traffic. You may also personalize your ads to engage them further.

Improve your email marketing strategies
Make the most out of email advertising and send out monthly newsletters to your current clientele. Keep your content fresh and interesting so people would share them. Email marketing campaigns enable you to expand your online reach, making it easier to get new email subscribers and target the right audience.

Incorporate the link to your site in your email signature
Make your website accessible through all your email correspondence. This will be effective in advertising your website to the people and businesses you transact with. Use an email signature that incorporates the link to your website. You may not see the results immediately, but soon enough, this simple tactic will be generating valuable traffic to your site.

You have to remember that when you sell a house, you’re not only selling its physical structure and design. You are also trying to offer your clients a neighborhood and lifestyle that will suit their needs and dispositions.

This is where your online presence becomes invaluable. By providing them with a platform where they could browse through listings themselves, you give your clients the means to readily choose which property matches their ideal purchase.

The suggestions listed above will not only help your clients in this regard, but they will also significantly improve traffic to your website. By employing these marketing strategies, you will without a doubt be able to expand your reach and establish a more remarkable online presence, thereby gaining an edge over your competitors in the field.

Author Bio: Danielle Canstello is party of the content marketing team at Pyramid Analytics. They provide enterprise level analytics and BI platform. In her spare time, she writes around the web to spread her knowledge of the marketing, business intelligence and analytics industries.

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