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How to Turn Your Garage Into a Kids Paradise

By Jamie Richardson | September 19, 2021

If you are lucky enough to have a garage, you should do everything you can do to take advantage of the space. Most garages aren’t even used as safe storage for your vehicle but end up being a storage unit for any unused items and junk.

Vintage rummage junk pile storage area mess.

If you have kids in your home, you know how much space they and their toys and activities can take up in the house. An inventive solution to your kids’ limited recreational area is to convert your unused garage space into a unique place for your kids to enjoy. The kids can enjoy crafting, video games, and movies in their own space.

If you are building on to your existing garage you may need the inspection services of Northwest Construction Control to ensure that your project stays on track. For traditional garage conversion, it can be as easy as following these tips to turn your garage into the perfect space for your kids. 

Work Table

Trying to complete any project without the right workspace can be a pain. Kids like to spread out, and when they are working on crafts, you need adequate space to allow their imaginations to run wild. The size is up to you and the available space but any amount of room to spread your coloring, painting, or crafting supplies is good. Make sure to build your bench to the right height so that your kids can either sit or comfortably stand while working and have easy access to all their supplies.


Most garages run short on natural light. Having the right amount of light to work on crafting projects or homework is essential. Overhead shop lighting is sufficient for most projects but you may want to add a few clip-on utility lights for those areas around the work center.

Don’t forget about your decor lighting. If you are converting your garage to a place where your kids can hang out and relax, harsh overhead lighting can be a buzzkill. Add a few low-wattage lamps or some LED strips to add a nice effect that your kids and their friends will love.


Choosing the decor for your kids room in the garage should be a family affair. If you have both boys and girls, try to pick a more neutral base color to make everyone happy. Encourage your kids to be creative. You can even use chalk paint on one of the walls to allow your kids to express their creative side whenever they want. Decorate your boring walls with posters, art, or memorabilia that is fun for the whole family.


Most garages come with a standard cement floor, which is functional but not very appealing. You can add stain and slip-resistant floor coating to your garage floors in order to keep things clean and safe, as well as to reduce the number of slips and wipeouts when the kids get a little rowdy. You can also lay some indoor/outdoor carpeting for a bit of added warmth that will stand up to the tough abuse from your kids.


Having the right storage for all your kid gear in your garage is the key to keeping things organized. Keep your crafting supplies in labeled bins or boxes, add some overhead and wall shelving to keep your containers. You can also take advantage of your wall space for innovative storage of your bicycles and other outside toys to keep them from being underfoot.

Climate Control

If you want the perfect kid’s getaway, you should think about adding some climate control. A small window air conditioning unit or a corner pellet stove can keep you comfortable in any season.

Having the perfect kid’s getaway or playroom is a dream come true for many families. Turn your garage into a kid’s paradise by adding a few of these must-have features to create a unique space that your kids can enjoy for years to come.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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