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How to Utilize Vertical Radiators in Your Home

By Jamie Richardson | July 24, 2021

Radiators have come a long way from their traditional designs and offer homeowners and businesses many different design options than ever before. Gone are the days you would only have a handful of options to choose from and all would be familiar horizontal, rectangular shapes. One variety that has seen popularity are vertical radiators, turning the orientation 90 degrees to go up instead of across the wall. If you have had your eye on a vertical radiator but are not sure how best to utilise them in your home, here are a few tips.

Save Space

As they are designed with a shorter width, vertical radiators are ideal when you need to save wall space needed for storage, appliances, and furniture. If you have a compact bedroom or a kitchen with very little spare wall space, a standard horizontal radiator is just not practical. Vertical radiators solve this by going up the wall instead and still provide efficient heating. There is no difference in performance whether your radiator goes across or up the wall, so you might as well think creatively about the space you have and opt for a vertical radiator so you can have more space for other room essentials.

Utilise Narrow Walls

Many homes may have a narrow wall that does not serve any other function than dividing a room or the space between a bookshelf and a side wall that cannot quite fit anything practical in. With a vertical radiator, these dead spaces can become useful again and free up other walls you may need to place shelving and other furniture in. A frustration for many with a standard horizontal radiator is that the space may be ideal for placing something in front of it but must keep enough space to allow air to move freely. Vertical radiators will utilise the space above which tends to not have as much use and minimise the area used in general. Your room will have more wall space to place items against instead.

Add a Decorative Feature

Vertical radiators stand out more due to their height, so you will want to ensure they look great on the wall. You could even make a statement in the room with a well-positioned vertical radiator that draws the eye as a decorative feature. In the same way that a fireplace or feature wall does so, a vertical radiator can be the centrepiece and bring a room to life when paired with other design elements such as patterned wallpaper or contrasting wall paint. 

Complement a Bathroom or Kitchen Design

As both rooms are full of appliances, storage and white goods, wall space can be at a premium and a standard radiator just will not cut it. Vertical radiators in a bathroom can have a dual purpose as a towel radiator too, especially with the ladder design that heats the room and dries towels with ease. In a kitchen, you can choose a vertical design that fits snugly in a gap between cupboards and the fridge, for example. You can also use one to break up the neutral colours of the room and add a splash of vibrancy with a contrasting vertical radiator. 

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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