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How Video Conferencing Can Make Your Team More Productive

By Guest Author | October 25, 2016

Meetings can make people nervous. They imply a demand to deliver results. These are good things for a business. Video conferencing elevates these positive motivations and helps eliminate the tendency for participants to get sidetracked.


Being on Stage

Many people do not like being on camera, but video conferencing is the reality in today’s business world. Stage fright can motivate participants to at least have their act together before the meeting. No one wants to look unprepared on camera. It’s probably being recorded, so a poor performance could live forever.

If participants have their thoughts in order and hopefully written down, they can get through their presentation quickly and without looking incompetent. This tendency makes meetings move faster and more efficiently. Shorter meetings mean more time to do real work.

A Sense of Direction

If the meeting leader has a set agenda and a set time limit for the meeting, the video conference can be an opportunity to make sure everyone knows what he needs to do and why. Most employees actually want that. They don’t want to spend half the day playing on Facebook because their boss has nothing for them to do.

Setting goals for employees and holding them accountable for achieving deadlines by requiring updates at meetings are great ways to increase productivity. If employees feel like their work is appreciated and contributes to the success of the company, they are more likely to find satisfaction in their job. They won’t be talking about the juice bar or bagel Monday all afternoon because they’re bored.

Disruptive Innovation

Poor use of technology can lead to bad experiences. Today’s video conferencing systems are simple and fast. The BlueJeans Network is a cloud-based service that is enterprise ready and has impressive ease of use. All a traditional conference room needs is a laptop, camera, microphone, and an internet connection to become a virtual meeting launch pad.

Disruptive innovation is the cool thing this year. It has kind of a negative connotation, but marketers want businesses to see it as a good thing. A disruptive technology changes an existing market. Video conferencing capability in cars with their own Wi-Fi hotspot is a disruptive innovation.

The Internet of Things is changing how people live every year. Cloud-based solutions are the best way to keep up with new hardware from watches to video cameras. It’s easy to update the software in the cloud instead of forcing users to download the latest patch. By having a central source for the video conferencing platform, companies can ensure a consistent version for all users.

Overcome Distance

For the best collaboration, businesses need the best teams. It can be expensive and time-consuming to physically get the best team in the same room at the same time. Video conferencing solves that problem.

People can connect to a video conference from just about anywhere, nowadays. Groups can make decisions faster because it’s so easy for everyone to join the meeting. There is less waiting for a final decision, as Ann Lawson of Newsblaze points out.

Better than Teleconference

Video adds another level of communication during a conference. Not only can participants see each other’s faces, but they also can see several types of media while on the call.

Content sharing from videos to PowerPoint decks to computer screens is possible with video conferencing. During live webcasts, participants can even use instant messaging while watching a presentation.

One thing participants in the field can do is share live video of a job site. This is a significant opportunity to show everyone on the call what is actually going on in the field. Trade shows are huge nowadays, as most companies attend them to increase sales and visibility. Using a video conferencing solution at a trade show can allow for instant feedback to the company representative at the event and update the staff back at the office.

Productive Integration

One software trend continually evolving is integration. Because people are accessing software from their mobile devices more often than not from their laptops, they require solutions that work well on small screens.

Being able to access an app without leaving another is a huge convenience for mobile users. Popular instant messaging platforms such as Slack already have integrations for video conferencing apps such as BlueJeans. The best video conferencing software solution for most companies going forward may be the one that has the most flexible access while maintaining adequate security.

Firms need to keep up with the latest productivity tools to ensure they are secure or offer employees a viable alternative. Google Drive and Dropbox may not offer the best security, but employees often are more concerned about productivity and convenience. The popular choice is likely to win, Katherine Purvis of the Telegraph reports.

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