IBM and Meta Launch AI Alliance

By Mihaela Lica Butler | December 8, 2023

In an age defined by the transformative impact of artificial intelligence, a momentous endeavour has surfaced: the AI Alliance. This alliance constitutes a coalition of foremost entities across diverse sectors - encompassing industry, academia, research, startups, and government - unified in their dedication to nurturing open innovation and science in AI.

  • AI Alliance members will deploy benchmarks, tools, and resources for responsible global AI system development and use.
  • They will create a catalog of vetted safety, security, and trust tools and support their adoption by the developer community.
  • Members will establish meaningful benchmarks and evaluation standards for open model releases and deployment into applications.

As conceived by IBM and Meta, the AI Alliance is a testament to the belief that open and transparent innovation is pivotal in harnessing AI advancements while prioritizing safety, diversity, and widespread economic opportunities. At its core, the AI Alliance is committed to fostering an open community that expedites responsible AI innovation with a steadfast commitment to scientific rigour and trust. This initiative is resolutely action-oriented and distinctly international, reflecting the global impact of AI.

AI alliance members
AI Alliance members

The primary objective of the AI Alliance is to mould the progression of AI in a manner that mirrors the multifaceted needs and intricacies of global societies. By consolidating resources and knowledge from various sectors, the AI Alliance addresses safety concerns. It provides a platform for developing solutions that resonate with the requirements of researchers, developers, and adopters worldwide. Key goals of the AI Alliance include the development of benchmarks, standards, and tools for the responsible use of AI on a global scale. This encompasses establishing a catalogue of validated safety, security, and trust tools and advocating for their utilization within the developer community.

Additionally, the alliance focuses on advancing the ecosystem of open foundation models, particularly those capable of addressing large-scale societal challenges such as climate change and education. Another significant aim is cultivating a vibrant AI hardware accelerator ecosystem and supporting global AI skills development. This includes engagement with the academic community to nurture the next generation of AI scientists and engineers. IBM and Meta, in partnership with over 50 founding members and collaborators globally, have launched the AI Alliance to advance open innovation and science in AI.

The focus is cultivating an open community, allowing developers and researchers to expedite responsible AI innovation while upholding scientific rigour, trust, safety, security, diversity, and economic competitiveness. By uniting top developers, scientists, academic institutions, companies, and other innovators, the AI Alliance will combine resources and knowledge to address safety concerns and provide a platform for sharing and developing solutions that cater to the global needs of researchers, developers, and adopters.

According to Sriram Raghavan, vice president of IBM Research, the announcement of the AI Alliance signals a deliberate shift toward a more nuanced and comprehensive discourse around AI, despite coinciding with recent developments in the AI landscape. The AI Alliance's composition is as diverse as its objectives, with its 50 member companies including creators of AI benchmarking tools, universities and science agencies nurturing AI talent, builders of essential AI hardware and infrastructure, and champions of foundational software frameworks.

Raghavan highlighted the AI Alliance's project-based, flexible approach, focusing on six main areas as cited by Venture Beat:

  1. Develop benchmarks, evaluation standards, and tools to enable responsible global AI system development and use, including a catalog of vetted safety, security, and trust tools. Support tool advocacy and enablement within the developer community.
  2. Advance the ecosystem of open foundation models with diverse capabilities, including multilingual, multi-modal, and science models to address societal challenges in climate, education, and more.
  3. Foster a vibrant AI hardware accelerator ecosystem by increasing contributions and adopting essential enabling software technology.
  4. Support global AI skills building and exploratory research, engaging the academic community to assist researchers and students in essential AI model and tool research projects.
  5. Develop educational content and resources to inform the public and policymakers about AI's benefits, risks, solutions, and precise regulation.
  6. Launch initiatives to encourage open development of AI in safe and beneficial ways, and host events to explore AI use cases and showcase how Alliance members are using open technology in AI responsibly and for good.

The AI alliance operates through member-driven working groups, a governing board, and a technical oversight committee, all dedicated to advancing the alliance's objectives while establishing project standards and guidelines. The AI Alliance plans to collaborate with governmental and non-profit organizations that share its mission. This partnership aims to advance a more open, inclusive, and responsible future for AI. By leveraging its members' collective expertise and resources, the AI Alliance is positioned to make substantial contributions to the field of AI, ensuring that the benefits of AI progress are accessible and advantageous to all.

IBM, a strong advocate for ethical AI development and deployment, has played a pivotal role in establishing the AI Alliance. The company has consistently stressed the importance of ensuring that AI systems are fair, explainable, and unbiased, focusing on enhancing the transparency and comprehensibility of these systems. Similarly, Meta heavily invests in AI research, ensuring AI systems' safety and reliability. This includes developing AI models with robust protection against errors and biases alongside algorithms that can explain their decision-making processes, enhancing transparency and trustworthiness.

The launch of the AI Alliance marks a significant step towards fostering open innovation and collaboration in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence (AI). The initiative brings together a diverse range of leading organizations across industry, academia, research, startups, and government, all dedicated to supporting open science and technology in AI.

The AI Alliance represents a significant stride in fostering open innovation and responsible development in artificial intelligence, efforts critical for enterprise adoption of the technology. By bringing together varied expertise and perspectives, the AI Alliance is positioned to shape the evolution of AI to ensure that the benefits of the technology are shared widely and responsibly.

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