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Interior Design Styles in New American Homes by Region

By Jamie Richardson | July 30, 2020

Although the interior design profession is set for many changes over the next decade as a result of advancing technology, one of the things that will likely remain the same is the dominant interior design styles found in different regions across the country. Since interior design trends do not exist inside a vacuum, it's a given that different regions have their own unique styles. These styles are usually influenced by the environment in the region as well as the culture of the natives which is passed down from generation to generation. 

Modern farmhouse 

Modern farmhouse interiors incorporate most of the characteristics that made the traditional farmhouse design one of the most popular in the 20th century but aim for a more simplified and clean look. Traditional farmhouse design elements such as neutral color palettes, raw wood elements, and greenery in every room can still be found in new homes mixed with modern updates such as open concept living, wide plank floors, and sleek lighting. The modern farmhouse style is popular in Southern and Southwestern regions such as Alabama, Georgia. Kentucky, North Carolina. South Carolina, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. 

Modern interior design style

Modern is a broad term that typically refers to homes with simple color palettes, clean, crisp lines, and the use of materials such as glass, metal, and steel. The style employs a sense of simplicity in all elements, and there's not a lot of clutter or accessories involved. The modern design style is popular in regions that are dominated by Millennials and Generation Xers such as Oregon, Vermont, New York, and Utah. However, since it's one of the fastest-growing interior design styles in the country, people usually incorporate some of its elements in their other design styles. For example, although new homes in Delaware usually have the bohemian interior design style, many of them include some elements of the modern style such as plain walls, simple furniture with clean lines, and smooth, sleek surfaces. 

Coastal interior design style

Also referred to as Hamptons style, the coastal style is in a league of its own. Although a house doesn't need to be close to a beach to have the coastal style, the design elements are supposed to make occupants feel like they are sitting on a beach. Color pallets are usually drawn from coastal hues found in nature, including pops of blue to resemble the sky, whites paired with beige to resemble the sand, and bright, sunny shades like turquoise and coral to give the space personality. Window treatments are also kept to a minimum to give an airy ambiance. The coastal style is popular regions along the coastlines such as Florida, Virginia, and New Jersey. 

Home design takes different shapes in different regions as people try to create spaces that are more familiar and feel like home. However, thanks to the wider and faster availability of information on the internet, people are incorporating multiple design styles in new homes, resulting in the evolution of old styles and the rise of new ones. 

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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