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Is It Worth Having Liability Insurance For Apartment Renters?

By Jamie Richardson | September 27, 2021

Being a tenant, it’s natural to wonder whether or not you would need liability insurance. Well, your landlord might not require you to purchase one of these policies. However, it pays to have such a protective policy in place. The reason is that an apartment renter’s policy can financially cushion you against catastrophic damage to the house. Besides, you would remain financially secure against potential legal liabilities.

If you are wondering whether you should invest in an apartment renter’s policy, here’s the ultimate guideline for you. The experts at have come up with the details. This will help you realize the value that such insurance policies hold for tenants.

What Type of Protection Would You Get from a Renter’s Insurance Policy?

A significant section of property management companies and landlords require their tenants to purchase these policies. Your landlord might not request you to get renter's insurance in place. However, it would be logical to get such a policy, as it would secure you against certain losses or damage to the property. This would absorb the financial impact in case of unforeseen events. Therefore, it would reduce the legal liability on the tenant.

Liability insurance can provide you with protection against the following liabilities:

1. Personal Liability

In case there is property damage or bodily injury to a person on the premises, you would be protected against personal liability. For instance, if one of your guests gets injured following an accident on the property, this policy would help you get the lost wages. Moreover, the medical bills, if any, would also be compensated.

2. Damage To Property

Property damage involves any sort of damage that you might accidentally inflict on the landlord’s property. Besides, if your belongings get damaged due to an unforeseen event, you can get compensation for your losses. Keep in mind that the extent of the coverage largely depends on the amount of coverage you have opted for in the first place. Therefore, you financially secure yourself against instances of theft, vandalism, etc.

3. Medical Protection

In case any of your guests or visitors suffer an injury after visiting the property, they can get the medical costs covered through liability insurance for renters. At times, medical bills amount to several thousand dollars in case of serious injuries. In such cases, the insurer will pay for the medical expenses, and you would be free from financial liabilities.

4. Loss Of Use

Following an event, the property may become unfit for habitation. Such cases call for the renter's insurance scheme as it covers the expenses that exceed the usual expenses for living in that particular property.

What Makes Renter’s Insurance a Necessity?

The primary function of a renter’s insurance is to secure yourself financially against the damage or loss of the landlord's possessions or property. Even if you are financially sound enough to replace all the belongings and shell out the liabilities, it makes sense to have this insurance. The reason is that a major natural disaster can inflict damage to property and wipe off the savings that you have accumulated for years.

Some tenants think that they would be paying the premium for events that would not happen. Although this is technically true to a certain extent, you never know when a disaster or accident strikes. It makes sense to ward off any future financial strain due to a natural disaster or any similar event.

Under What Situations Should You Go For A Renter’s Insurance Policy?

Listed below are certain situations when you should opt for a renter's insurance policy:

1. You Have A Pet

Pet owners should be aware of the consequences in case of unpleasant incidents. For example, when your pet bites someone. The liability coverage would help you shell out the medical bills. 

However, if you are not insured, you would have to pay the medical expenses out of your own pocket. On average, the claim for dog bites is around $35,000. As we can clearly see, the situation might financially hurt you without a renter's insurance policy in place.

2. The Property Is Susceptible To Damages

A renter’s insurance can significantly benefit you if you accidentally cause any damage to the property. While you may not mind shelling out the expenses for minor repairs from your pocket, significant issues like damages to the plumbing or electrical system may cost you a fortune. 

There are chances that you may even damage your personal properties that are delicate and prone to breakages. Thanks to an affordable policy in place, you will remain financially secure.

3. You May Have Expenses That You Cannot Afford

If you know that you won’t be able to afford certain expenses following unpleasant happenings, you should go for liability insurance for apartment renters. Remember, you might run into legal hassles in case you are unable to shell out the losses. 

Emergency expenses can prove disastrous for your pockets. You would definitely cherish the peace of mind that renter's insurance brings.

What Should Be Your Rental Insurance Coverage Value?

Experts recommend tenants or apartment renters purchase insurance coverage to cover damage to personal property equal to the overall value of their belongings. In some cases, the coverage might exceed this total value. This would keep you financially immune to the worst-case scenarios. 

In case you want to risk your savings, you might go for a policy that partially covers your belongings. However, most property owners would want to enjoy mental peace with full coverage, where the policies cover the complete value of their property.

Thanks to reputed insurers, you have a plethora of choices to choose from. Depending on your requirements and financial condition, you can choose limits starting from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Remember to assess the value of your inventory and possessions to find out the necessary coverage that you might need.


One of the most common myths about liability insurance for renters is that they would be covered under the landlord’s insurance policy. Even if the landlord has such a policy in place, it will cover the expenses needed for damages to the building or the infrastructure. Therefore, you won’t have your belongings covered under this policy. It'd be wise to reach out to the professionals and discuss the right amount of coverage you need.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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