KB Introduces Energy Performance Guide

KB Home has come up with a rating system to help prospective home buyers calculate their energy costs.  The new system is called EPG (Energy Performance Guide) and will be posted in all new KB model homes.

Energy costs are becoming more of an issue for both ecological and economical reasons.  People are more conscious than ever about the amount of energy they consume.  Car manufacturers have frequently used the MPG (Miles Per Gallon) system to show potential car buyers which cars are the most efficient.  In a similar manner, KB’s EPG system will help people looking to buy homes calculate how much they will spend on electricity and gas for each home.


KB built to order now includes energy rating to order

When constructed, KB homes are certified to ensure they meet Energy Star guidelines, established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  KB used those certifications to formulate a numerical rating system that tells customers how much they will spend on gas and electricity each month.

This innovation by KB adds a new perspective to home shopping and gives potential home buyers a better idea of the total cost of ownership for a home, a concept that car buyers have often considered when purchasing new vehicles.

“We believe providing the estimated monthly energy costs will not only empower our homebuyers, but also change the way people shop for a home. Home-buyers can now better understand the estimated energy costs for the home and potential savings by living in an energy efficient KB home,” said Jeffrey Mezger, president and CEO of KB Home.


Jeffrey T. Mezger CEO of KB Homes - courtesy LA Times Blog

Since 2000, KB has built over 60,000 Energy Star compliant homes, and Calvert Investments recognized it as the number one “Green Homebuilder” in 2008 and 2010.   Every new model home will carry an EPG rating for customers to view starting this month.

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