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Keeping Everything in Order: 5 Dangers of Improper Building Maintenance

By Jamie Richardson | January 23, 2019

Commercial buildings are used by workers, business owners, and customers. All buildings used by the public must meet certain safety standards and all have their own liability concerns. The best way to meet standards and avoid lawsuits for personal injuries is to make sure the building and its mechanics are properly maintained. Lifts, moving stairs, fixed stairs, halls, and all parts of a building must be clean, uncluttered, and in good repair.

1. Getting From One Floor to The Next Safely

One of the most important aspects of any commercial building is the ability of people to get from one floor to another safely and conveniently. Lifts, moving stairs and fixed stairs are all ways to get from floor to floor. Lifts or elevators are a method of going between floors that both able-bodied people and handicapped people can use. But lifts must be kept in perfect working order to avoid danger. Building owners can turn to lift maintenance services by Hin Chong  to keep lifts operating safely.

The first danger of improper building maintenance is to neglect the lifts, moveable stairs or fixed stairs in a building. These transitions from floor to floor must be safe for the people using them. If the machinery involved in operating the lift or moveable stairs is neglected, there can be breakdowns and unsafe conditions developing.

Have lifts inspected yearly by the professional lift maintenance service? Lift maintenance services ensure lifts that operate safely, efficiently, and with high performance.

2. Commercial Building Housekeeping

The second danger of improper building maintenance is not having a well-planned maintenance and housekeeping program. Good housekeeping programs have many benefits such as fewer fire hazards, less risk of slipping and tripping incidents and injuries, better hygienic conditions with fewer health hazards, and more. With the help of a commercial cleaning company, you'll have a well-maintained, clean building that leads to improved productivity, better morale, more repeat customers, better use of space, improved control of materials, tools, and inventory, and a reduced need for janitorial work.

3. The Third Danger Is Lack Of Maintenance Staff Training And Organization

 The cleaning and maintenance materials should have their own well-organized space. The janitorial and maintenance staff should be well-trained and know their duties.

4. The Costs Involved In Lift And Building Maintenance

The fourth improper maintenance danger is not budgeting enough money for maintenance and repairs or not using the budgeted money efficiently. The building owner should get estimates for yearly or monthly costs to maintain each lift. Then, there should be estimates of cost for each building maintenance project based on past years’ costs and what an improved plan would cost.

The total estimates should be added to the yearly building ownership and operating budget. There should also be money in the budget for emergency repairs.

5. The Fifth Danger Of Improper Building Maintenance Is Neglecting The Supervision And Personal Inspection Of The Building

The building owner should take care in hiring the best lift maintenance service and the best building maintenance and repair crew and manager, then check on them periodically.

The maintenance crew can check a few things when there is a lift disruption of service, such as checking the circuit breaker, resetting the switch, clearing door obstructions, and checking the outer door latch.

Sometimes a building does not have a lift and adding one can make the building function and serve handicapped customers better.

Commercial buildings must be properly maintained and cleaned for safety and functionality. Having a good housekeeping plan and a regularly scheduled lift maintenance service can help eliminate common safety hazards and reduce liability for injuries.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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