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Living With a Cramped Master Bath

By Alicia Murphy | June 28, 2012

Few things truly test the fortitude of a relationship like sharing space - especially when that space is a bathroom.  No matter what type of relationship you're in it's likely that one of you takes significantly longer to get ready than the other, and the process is usually much more complicated and requires much more equipment. Fortunately there are ways to get the most out of a small master bath without having to off your significant other.

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Up, Down & Around

The biggest problem with sharing your bathroom with another person is not so much about the inconvenience of them being in the space as it is about their stuff being in the space. Man, woman or otherwise the fact is that our individual daily bathroom routines usually require some equipment- be it razors, blow dryers or any multitude of other devices used to make one's self presentable.

Then there's two toothbrushes, two deodorants, etc. So the first step in surviving a small master bath is storage and organization. It's essential that you utilize your small space to the maximum of it's potential: that means more than simply throwing your makeup in a drawer or putting your two toothbrushes in a handy holder.

Consider storage implements that go on the walls, behind the doors or in cabinets. Storage towers that sit above the toilet are also a great idea. These solutions provide you with a way of keeping each of your personal needs in the bathroom in a designated area and off of the counter top, which not only opens up a world of storage possibilities but also allows more space for you both to primp simultaneously. For more ideas on best using your space check out this site.

Designation of Space

There is nothing worse than two people fighting for space and mirror time in a small bathroom. Well, that is until you both find yourself digging for some necessary tool in the same cluttered drawer.

Designating space for each of you is essential if you're going to be getting ready at the same time on a regular basis. For this you should set aside his and hers drawers, cabinets or shelves in the linen closet. And keep your stuff in it's place. This way you avoid having to waste time looking for things in cramped and over-stuffed spaces. You might also consider installing another small mirror somewhere in the bathroom so that one of you can use the vanity while the other uses the alternative mirror.

Most any home improvement store can provide you with a small mirror that swings out from the wall and then folds back in neatly or a smaller vanity mirror that can be placed decoratively on another wall. For example, Home Depot has the perfect small vanity mirror that can be easily installed anywhere in the bathroom:

A small bathroom is no reason to call a relationship quits, but it can certainly feel like a good enough excuse while you are elbowing each other in an attempt to get somewhere on time. If you're going to share a small master bath with your significant other savvy storage and designation of space are key to survival and a blissful bathroom coexistence.

Alicia Murphy is a licensed real estate agent. My freelance writing career began simultaneously with my Real Estate career in 2010.As a Realtor I’ve worked primarily with buyers in finding themtheir dream home and have experience in foreclosure sales, but I've also represented sellers in marketing and selling their homes. As we await the bolstering return of the Real Estate market I will continue to adapt to ever-changing conditions and continue to provide first-rate service to my clients.
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