Luxury Real Estate Market on the Rise in Miami

Miami is a beautiful city with miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches with a blue ocean in front. The city is sunny all year around as well. These factors make it a hot-spot for luxury homes and mansions. With the recent economic turmoil, things were not looking good in this sector, but now with the market fast recovering, the market for luxury properties is improving. These are the reasons for the improvement in the luxury real estate market:

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Beautiful Location

The city of Miami is a great place to build holiday homes and is ideal for the vacation getaways. It has miles of coastline with exotic views of the sea and the cityscape. These beautiful locations are being tapped by the real estate developers and investors for setting up Miami Beach condos and luxury villas. They attract the rich crowd like film-stars and industrialists who do not mind spending big cash on beautiful homes. What matters to them is the house and the location and these two criteria are met by the real estate developers in Miami. As you can see, they are using Miami’s USP of beautiful natural beauty to help the real estate market.

Prices Are Rising

The property prices in Miami are rising after the city saw a boon in real estate. This phenomenon is causing the investors are purchasers to scramble for luxury properties before the prices rise any further. With speculation of price rise forcing buyers to dish out money the luxury real estate is seeing a great time.

Emergence Of Rich Buyers

Now that the crisis in the economy has passed, buyers are now bringing out their money and investing in properties. The value of such luxury properties like Miami beach condos can never go down much and these are great pieces to invest in. These rich, high-end buyers are making instant cash purchases and this favours the luxury real estate market greatly.

Presence Of Foreign Investors

Foreign investors from abroad are ready to invest in these luxury real estate properties because the prices of these condos even though high, are cheaper than the prices of property in their own country. They therefore do not hesitate twice before investing in these luxury real estate deals.

These four factors are coming together to foster the boom in the luxury real estate market of Miami.


Brenda Lyttle is an enthusiastic custom home builder. She loves her job as she helps people frame out their dream homes from their imaginary canvas into reality.



  1. Brenda, your post is very interesting and hit the nail on the head. Miami’s real estate market is one of the best in luxury. In fact, it was ranked the fifth richest zip code by Forbes Magazine:

  2. Miami real estate is good considering of price rising and it is the chance to Foreign investors from abroad to invest luxury real estate properties.

  3. Currency rates, and Miami being a safe investment market are also a factors to invest in Miami real estate market.

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