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Making a Home More Comfortable for the Elderly

By Jamie Richardson | May 30, 2019

Running a nursing home or any place where an elderly person is present often requires some considerations on the part of the owner. Not only does a resident or one of the residents of the place have special needs, but these needs can often present a disruption in the normal routines of everyone else. This isn't a bad thing, mind you: it's just how things are.

So, if you have an elderly loved one or someone who has advanced age at home, you might want to consider the following things that you can include to make their stay a lot more comfortable. Not only will this allow them to lead fulfilled and comfortable lives; it will also provide them the self-agency to take care and act themselves—a rapidly rising concern of many elderly people today.


With age comes the stress on the body. One of the most obvious (and often primary) concerns of the elderly is how their physical movement becomes extremely limited, either due to their bodies weakening or some other debilitating conditions. That is why having equipment that can provide them with mobility in any way (from canes to lightweight wheelchairs) should always be a standard in any place where elderly people live in.

The purpose of this is twofold: It provides the elderly with the capabilities to move alone and it allows their caretakers to move them if needed. Mobility equipment is an extremely important consideration for the elderly part due to the possible scenarios where they would need to move or be moved. This can range from anything regarding their regular checkups to emergency situations such as evacuations.


Of course, the elderly and their maintenance medicine should also be an essential part of any home they live in which also includes wheelchair from Since their medical needs are often more complicated and demanding than usual, it's critical to have an environment where their medication—for essential purposes or for emergencies—are easily accessed.

Keep their medication in a well-marked, easily accessible area. This prevents the situation that can contribute to accidents. Of course, consideration also needs to be given if there are children in the vicinity. Some of these medications are highly toxic if accidentally ingested by younger people.


Finally, the most important consideration for the elderly is their environment. As they often have different ways and special needs when interacting with the things around them, it's important to consider the conditions of their environment when it comes to where they can physically go, the type of people (and surroundings) that they interact with on a daily basis, and other potential hazards or threats to their well being.

Since the majority of the elderly are quite fragile, special care must be given to the things that they touch and move around regularly. Cushioning the edges of furniture, making sure essential areas of the home are accessible to them (such as the kitchen and bathroom), and regular maintenance and sanitation of their space are all things that you should keep in mind.

The elderly people have contributed much to society and deserve a well-earned break. The least that we can do as their successors is to provide them with a caring and comfortable environment.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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