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Making home staging easy and profitable

By Jamie Richardson | November 26, 2019

A first impression is absolutely decisive in any interaction. Particularly in the environment of a property for sale, a good first impression is a must. That first visit to a potential new personal space often can be a defining moment in choosing whether they believe it could become their future home. Presentation becomes key; a good one can spark inspiration, generate unchallenged excitement and help make a positive emotional connection with the home.

In today’s competitive market, though, with so many real estate portals and homes to choose from, photos of the utmost quality are a must in order to attract attention. Having the spaces properly and elegantly filled can really encourage a potential buyer. Property owners/sellers usually struggle to accept a staging service as it can prove to be expensive. However, a new alternative solution is now available with CUBIQZ USA, the leader in simulated cardboard staging furniture.

With a heritage of over 9 years’ experience across Europe, in 2018 CUBIQZ USA decided to launch its products into the United States. The US has seen a meteoric rise in the home staging industry and its interplay with an already huge real estate market, making it the perfect time for CUBIQZ USA to introduce their alternative products.

The value of home staging cannot and should not be understated; often times a visually attractive property can of course contribute to a faster sale – but it can also help in the making of additional profit on the property. For this reason home staging should not be perceived as needless, flamboyant decoration, on the contrary it is as important as the permanent features of the home in the eye of the beholder.

The real estate industry has been revolutionised in the modern era, perhaps most by the rise in marketing becoming a staple of any and every sector. As the industry has migrated to an online platform, visual appearance has become the primary concern; an attractive image equates to an attractive opportunity, in the mind of the customer.

In a world in which social media platforms, primarily Instagram, have become a staple of nearly every household globally, the shift towards aesthetics is undeniable. Preparing a property with appropriate home staging can help to guide a prospective buyer through the property that just wouldn’t be possible without the material visualisation.

CUBIQZ USA has introduced ease and simplicity to an industry which has hardly ever deviated from the most conventional form of staging with real furniture. Rather than following the trend of their competitors and using heavy cumbersome pieces of real furniture, which have to be transported and then subsequently stored, CUBIQZ USA saw an opportunity in offering a more budget friendly system which is also much less cumbersome, all of it without compromising on the aesthetics. Hence the high costs associated to the conventional practice, once forced onto the consumer, and often excessive, can now easily be avoided by a new cycle that benefits all parties.

CUBIQZ USA offers a creative alternative especially designed to stage vacant properties. They boast a solution which is collapsible, easy to transport, which requires much less storage space and comes with an affordable price tag. Moreover the pieces are designed and modelled upon real ones, giving an authenticity which can easily transform any space into a cozy and attractive room. The wide range of available modules can be combined with real pieces of furniture and decor such as pillows, throws, carpets or lamps to create that special bonding feeling required for a potential homebuyer to make a decision.

Financially this is a great option, with a potential saving of up to 60% or more by contrast to the existing conventional staging system. In an industry where most customer's main concern is the cost of staging, CUBIQZ USA is in a position to offer a budget friendly alternative without having to make any compromises on the final results.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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