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Maximizing Your Minimal Space – Storage & Organization

By Alicia Murphy | June 26, 2012

A chief complaint amongst homeowners and renters alike is a lack of, or disappointment with, the available space in their home. Living in close quarters can be enough to make anyone go a little nutty, especially when those quarters contain a growing family, pets and an accumulation of stuff that seems to be perpetually increasing.

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In today's market, however, the option to pick up and move to a larger house simply isn't in the cards for many families. With just a little intuition and work you can maximize your minimal space and find solutions that make your current living situation more tolerable.

Organization is Key

The best way to inefficiently use a small space is to be disorganized and cluttered. It's funny how you might simply throw a few items into a random drawer while you're busy cleaning only to discover one day month's down the road that not only can you not find anything you're looking for but you also can't fit anything into your drawers anymore.

Having a designated space for even the smallest most mundane items not only preserves your sanity but it also can help increase your home's storage spaces. When you set to task to organize and find designated spaces for things you tend to be more efficient and considerate of the full potential of your spaces.

For instance, if you know that all of your kitchen utensils will go into one drawer in your kitchen and you take the time to designate that space for them you will generally take more care to organize them in such a way that they all fit nicely. This is as opposed to simply throwing the utensils in 3-4 random drawers in the flurry of cleaning the kitchen.

Not only do you have trouble finding them the next time you need them but you also end up with 3-4 half full drawers of chaos. Check out this site for more information on better organization visit.

Optimize Your Space- ALL of Your Space

One of the biggest complaints that I hear from buyers is about storage space- there's never enough. The pantry is too small or the linen closets don't have enough space for all of their towels, etc etc. But when you look at a pantry or closet as simply the shelving that's existing then you're not realizing the full potential of that space.

How about adding shelving or an organizational rack that simply hangs over the interior of the door? We often forget about the insides of cabinets or doors as a space for storage but with a simple $20.00 rack from Home Depot you can increase your storage capacity ten-fold in a tidy way that won't show on the outside. Also consider under-the-bed storage containers for out of season clothing or extra shoes that you don't wear all that often. If you take the time to look you might be surprised by how much you can do with a small space.

While everyone dreams of one day owning their 4,000 square foot dream home most will not achieve that dream. Unless you're shopping or renting with an unlimited budget chances are that you'll be making concessions in order to stay within your price range, and one of the first compromises is often space or square footage.

But by following these and other tips for maximizing a small space you can find new comfort, organization and joy in your close quarters. Click here to learn more about utilizing every square foot in your home.

Alicia Murphy is a licensed real estate agent. My freelance writing career began simultaneously with my Real Estate career in 2010.As a Realtor I’ve worked primarily with buyers in finding themtheir dream home and have experience in foreclosure sales, but I've also represented sellers in marketing and selling their homes. As we await the bolstering return of the Real Estate market I will continue to adapt to ever-changing conditions and continue to provide first-rate service to my clients.
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